new parents holding baby twins at home, there is a Christmas tree in the background

Tess, Dave, & Their Newborn Twins

baby photography

Less than a year since getting married Tess & Dave welcomed these beautiful boys into the world!
I popped over on a crisp December day, exactly the same weather as their wedding day, to say hello, have a little cuddle and take some photographs of yet another special time in their lives.
I am very lucky all these wonderful people invite me to capture such moments.

black and white photographs of parents taking baby twins for a walk in winter. Everyone is wrapped up warm. mum and dad smiling at each other having a walk with newborn twins in winter black and white real life photography of newborn twins at home with their parents parents holding newborn twin babies at home on a photoshoot A new mum with her baby during a natural newborn photography shoot natural family photos with twin babies at home twin babies at home lying on a festive blanket man with his new born son and mum smiling holding her young baby new parents with their twin babies new dad looking proudly at his wife as they hold their baby twins

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