A man and a woman kiss in the Queen's Gallery at Gosfield Hall. They just got married. Their wedding guests are seated and clapping and smiling. There is a window on the right letting light in that illuminates the newly married couples

Tess & Dave Get Married


The day was enjoyed thoroughly by all and it was a pleasure to get to know Tess, Dave and their loved ones, I look forward to catching up with them soon, they have news!

Before you get concerned after looking through the pictures, no that's not the groom kissing another woman, it's his twin brother!

The evening ended with a full dance floor, as expected considering they booked Winston and the Lads, their Queens of the Stone Age cover went down so well with Dave he may have moshed out of the fire exit at one point!

What a treat this wedding was, on a crisp winter's day at Gosfield Hall Tess and Dave come along and bring some much needed romance and glamour to January.

With a nip in the air Gosfield Hall was a great choice of venue, the dining room is particularly cosy for a wintery wedding breakfast, and as always Gaynor was her usual wonderful self making sure everything ran smoothly.

The day was enjoyed thoroughly by all and it was a pleasure to get to know Tess, Dave and their loved ones, I look forward to catching up with them soon, they have news!

Bridesmaid having her makeup done in the Lady's chamber bathroom at Gosfield Hall. Bride having her hair sprayed. A bridesmaid is sat on an ornate sofa in the Rococo Suite at Gosfield Hall. She is relaxed and her arm is hanging over the arm. She is wearing a navy dressing gown and pearl earrings. Hairdresser is fixing the veil while the bride drinks through a straw. Reportage style photography of a bride and her friends getting ready for a wedding at an eEsex venue in Gosfield. The bride is checking her appearance in a mirror whilst wearing a white dressing gown. Bride and her friends in bridesmaids dresses are all sat in the Rococo suite around a coffee table. Bride with her mum and bridesmaids getting ready for the wedding. Gaynor of Gosfield Hall helps the groom with his buttonhole. A bridesmaid checking her dress in a mirror. A reflection in a mirror of a bride in a fishtail wedding dress. The shadow of the window frame lands on her dress. Outside the windows you can see grass and trees. It's a sunny winter day. The bride is in the Rococo suite at Gosfield Hall. A bride is in her mermaid style fishtail wedding dress. She has long dark hair and red lipstick. She's in the Rococo suite at Gosfield Hall which is decorated in a golden and ornate style with pillars and mirrors. Lens flare in a photograph of a bride leaving the Rococo suite at Gosfield Hall. She's holding her bouquet, he father is there, just before the ceremony. The picture is warm. Bridesmaid and young girl holding flowers and smiling. Bride in a lace mermaid style wedding dress. She has long dark hair and red lipstick. She is standing the doorway of the Queen's Apartment at Gosfield Hall, and smiling. An unposed wedding photograph. The groom preparing himself while he waits for the wedding ceremony in the Queen's gallery. A man with a beard wearing a suit is looking down with his hand by his mouth. He is waiting for the bride to walk up the aisle and marry him in the Queen's gallery at Gosfield Hall. Father of the bride kissing his daughter on the cheek after walking her up the aisle. An emotional bride stood with her almost husband during the ceremony. A man and a woman just got married, just married their best friend, and kiss in a wedding ceremony at Gosfield Hall in Essex. Bride wipes off lipstick from her new husband's face. A man leaning forward and all the groomsmen in a row. Bride with her bouquet triumphantly in the air after getting married. Black and white photographs of newly married couple walking down the aisle of the Queen's Gallery at Gosfield Hall. Espresso martinis at Gosfield Hall and the bride and groom coming down the Grand Staircase. Two groomsmen on stairs. A man with his son, a bridesmaid and a couple enjoying drinks after a wedding ceremony. Young girl with a drink looking up at the bride talking to a friend. This is during drinks after a wedding ceremony in Gosfield Hall, a waiter with a tray is making his way through the room. Reportage wedding photography in Essex. Baby boy looking at the camera sat on a sofa next to two men with beards. Post-ceremony drinks at Gosfield Hall in the Grand Salon. A wedding portrait on a cold January day at Gosfield Hall. The bride is laughing. A wedding portrait on a cold January day at Gosfield Hall. The bride is laughing. Man cuddling a woman in the cold January air on their wedding day at Gosfield Hall in January. The groom with his twin brother in the pink light of a winter sunset. Bride and groom talking on the grand staircase. View down the Grand Staircase at a wedding cake. Woman in her strapless wedding dress, holding white flowers and a girl's hand, is outside in the cold at Gosfield hall. Bride makes an entrance in the dining hall. A picture of the grounds at Gosfield Hall just after the sun has set. It is January. Pictures during the speeches at a wedding. the groom holds up a Sooty glove puppet in the air. Young girl puts her arms around her mum from behind as they are sat at a table in the Gosfield Hall ballroom. There is a cup and saucer and wine glasses on the table. Baby on the floor during wedding speeches. A toddler girl holds mum's glass of wine as her mum drinks from it. Bride and groom kiss at the top table. All pictures in the ballroom at Gosfield Hall. bride kisses the groom by the wedding cake by the stairs. A toddler girl is being held by a woman. The newly weds first dance at Gosfield Hall. They are very close and kiss as the rest of their friends and family join the dance. In the middle of the room the bride and groom hug closely with eyes closed, they are surrounded by other people dancing together. There is a mirror on the back wall. A woman on her wedding day in a white dress dances with her dad. A selection of photographs from the dance floor at Gosfield Hall. A woman in a red dress in the middle of the dance floor is headbanging so her hair goes everywhere. Winston and The Lads wedding band playing a reception in Essex. A young girl's face is illuminated as she stands at the bar while her mum orders drinks. A woman smiling and holding her baby, the bride is relaxing on a sofa and a bridesmaid is sitting on the ed of a sofa in candid photographs in the library at Gosfield Hall. A photograph from above of bridesmaids sitting on a sofa with a girl. Winston and The Lads wedding band playing at Gosfield Hall to a busy dance floor. Groom's twin brother is kissing his partner at the wedding reception. Young girl holding hands with family on the dance floor at a wedding. Bride is shaking her head to the music. Groom kissing his new wife on the dance floor at Gosfield Hall. Friends and family are in the background. People dancing at an evening reception.

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