A Bowie tribute act and Pub Tropicana themed wedding reception!
I love a wedding that tells you exactly who the couple are, laid back, fun, colourful, and most importantly joyful.
Every choice they made was perfect for their wedding, from the Union Chapel ceremony to that stunning Halfpenny dress Tash is wearing. You can read a bit more about the dress and the wedding over on the Halfpenny blog.

In the evening we went for another little walk back down to Exmouth Market, a few pictures were taken and then the newly weds were left alone to have a quick drink.
I think this is actually a great idea to schedule into any wedding day, it goes so fast and couples rarely have a moment to themselves, but in this case it was a ruse!
As Jon’s lovely new wife had planned a Bowie surprise for him they needed to get him away from the reception at The Old Finsbury Town Hall for a little bit.
And it worked, look at his face!
Long may they continue to surprise each other!

Here’s a song chosen from their numerous wedding playlists to accompany these pictures.
When they had Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Faces, Hall & Oates, Air, SL2, Lemon Jelly, and Wham as musical choices for the day..  it was so very hard to choose one.
So I went for one I play at least once a week because it tangibly sounds like warm sunshine to me and the wind and rain is blowing up another storm outside right now.

Bride arrive at Union Chapel in Willow Halfpenny wedding dress Photographs of groom waiting Union Chapel for bride to walk up the aisle Black and white photographs of wedding at Union Chapel, Islington Photographs of the you may kiss the bride moment during wedding at Union Chapel in London black & white photograph of newly weds singing in the Union Chapel church wedding guests at Union Chapel Islington newly weds walking back down the aisle at Union Chapel Wedding guest Jake Maskell leaving Union Chapel Newly weds leave Union Chapel into beautiful sunshine Confetti thrown over delighted newly weds outside Union Chapel with sun flare Huge smile on bride's face as confetti is thrown over her and new husband at London wedding in the sun, flowers by Emma Soulsby Flower Guests hugging and congratulating bride Tash and Jon, the bride and groom, together and kissing in the Compton Terrace Gardens outside Union Chapel Newly weds joking around in Compton Terrace gardens near Union Chapel, bride holds Emma Soulsby Flowers bouquet triumphantly in the air groom carrying his wife's Emma Soulsby Flower bouquet Bride in Willow Halfpenny dress stood by red telephone box holding Emma Soulsby Flowers best man and groom, bride in car bride and groom walking down exmouth market and stranger congratulating them black and white photographs of couple on wedding day down Exmouth market wedding photography of bride and groom kissing in the middle of Exmouth Market bride and groom photos exmouth market Wedding photography of happy bride and groom crossing road near Exmouth market pub tropicana wedding themed details, pineapples, sunglasses blow up dinosaur and palm tree wedding details Pub Tropicana wedding theme details at The Old Finsbury Town Hall spotify wedding playlist The Old Finsbury Town Hall wedding guests on stairs The Old Finsbury Town Hall black and white photography of wedding guests laughing at The Old Finsbury Town Hall start of the wedding speeches, bride and groom wearing fun sun glasses groom waving at his bride doing a speech bride doing a speeche on stage at The Old Finsbury Town hall, guests clapping and a dinosaur speeches at The Old Finsbury Town Hall wedding bride hugging brother after speech bride wiping tears from her brother's eyes guests laughing at wedding reception The Old Finsbury Town Hall Jake Maskall and other guests at wedding reception at The Old Finsbury Town Hall black and white photo of wedding reception at The Old Finsbury Town Hall, guests at tables and light streaming in on bride bride laughing at groom speech guests shielding eyes from sunshine best man and groom speeches and bride smiling bride and groom at table laughing at best man speech at The Old Finsbury Town Hall wedding reception wedding guests and bride on the street outside reception. groom and bride in sunglasses and Halfpenny dress walking through Exmouth Market in the evening black and white photograph of bride and groom in Exmouth market in the evening black and white wedding photography of groom and bride wearing Willow halfpenny dress in Exmouth Market at night guests enjoying colourful wedding reception wedding guests dancing with inflatable dinosaur and each other groom and Bowie tribute act wedding reception bride and groom on the dancefloor for wedding reception at the Old Finsbury Town Hall bride and groom first dance The Old Finsbury Town Hall Bowie tribute act pointing at wedding photographer black and white photography of full dance floor at London wedding newly weds dancing at wedding reception in Halfpenny dress Bowie tribute playing to packed dance floor at wedding bowie tribute at wedding bride and groom on the dance floor at The Old Finsbury Town Hall wedding photograph of groom picking up brie and twirling around dancing at wedding reception guest dancing at wedding photographer Bowie tribute at wedding reception Wedding reception at The Old Finsbury Town Hall bowie tribute dancing inflatable dinosaur