Groomsmen dressed in morning suits walking by the River Blackwater before the wedding. They are holding and drinking pints of beer from The Green Man.

Chris & Jen Get Married

One particularly lovely touch to this wedding was the car Jen and Chris drove back from the St. Thomas Church in Bradwell-on-Sea, a lovely 1972 MGB. Chris would not be here now if it were not for this car as it brought his parents together!

As expected the day ended with a heaving and happy dance floor, nobody can resist joining in when Winston and The Lads play.

I am really late blogging this wedding, I have a whole stack of weddings to still put up on my site.
This one is from October 2016, and I had two weddings that year at the very same farm, and somehow they amazingly managed to make them look entirely different.
I couldn't resist asking dad to recreate the photo from Bex' January wedding at her sister Jen's wedding!

They could not have made me any more welcome and yet again I enjoyed every moment, you can probably tell from these pictures. Take note of some of these faces, I will be shooting the weddings of a few of the guests this year and I cannot wait.

Father of the brides in the same pose and each daughter's wedding. Overlooking the stairs. A black dog looks at the camera as he lies on the floor next to a sofa Father of the bride in a kitchen checking his speech, a black dog offers him a shoe. Wedding table details and cake, white flowers and ears of wheat. Woman pouring fizz into glasses. Woman sitting on a chair in a conservatory with rollers in her hair. Wedding dress on a mannequin in a bedroom seen through a door. Groom and friends walking into the The Green Man by the River Blackwater. Groom and friend in a white 1972 MG Groomsmen walking down Waterside Road in Bradwell-on-Sea. They are holding pints of beer and some are wearing sunglasses. They are all in morning suits with beige waistcoats and ties. Men walking by the river Blackwater in morning suits/ groom standing in the street in Bradwell-on-Sea before his wedding. He is smiling. A groomsman puts on his buttonhole and he is reflected in a mirror in a pub. Groomsmen in the The Green Man Inn in Bradwell-on-Sea. One man is drinking a pint, the other is fixing his buttonhole, which is made of ears of wheat. They have sunglasses on their heads. People in a pub before a wedding A woman helps her sister, wearing a wedding dress, on with her shoes. Father of the bride dressed in his suit laughing at the camera. Sisters smiling at each other on the stairs. One is in her wedding dress, the other in a bridesmaid dress. Bride walking down the stairs in her wedding dress. Father of the groom is smiling at the camera. He is wearing a morning suit, a button hole and has a label hanging from a button saying "father of the groom". His wife, dressed in blue, laughs. They are outside St Thomas' Church in Bradwell-on-Sea and it's autumn. Older woman arriving in the church holding the order of service. The ushers are handing them out. Women holding a baby siting in church. Groom waits for the wedding to start. Bride arriving at St Thomas' Church Bradwell-on-Sea with her family. Her mum and sister rearrange her veil. Women in a choir wearing red gowns. A man in purple plays the pipe organ. Vicar performing wedding ceremony best man caring for the wedding rings while standing in church Bride, groom and vicar during wedding ceremony at St Thomas' Church Bradwell-on-Sea. The pipe organ is on the right. Pictures of bride and groom, guests and a butterfly in St Thomas' Church Bradwell-on-Sea Just married and walking down the aisle of an Essex church Confetti being thrown and husband and wife as they leave St Thomas' Church in Bradwell-on-Sea Newly married couple driving away from St Thomas' Church Bradwell-on-Sea. Guests are standing the street in the autumn sunshine. Leaves on the ground. Three women standing outside a church. A boy riding a blue toy New Holland tractor. Couple getting out of a black 1984 Ford Capri. A 1972 white MG is parked by some trees, in the background a small boy rides a blue toy tractor. People arriving at the farm in Essex for a wedding reception. There is a woman in a hat smiling. Woman in a wedding dress and husband in a morning suit kissing and sitting on their white 1972 MG. Newly married couple sitting in a 1972 white MG candid pictures of wedding guests having drinks. men in morning suits chatting, their faces are not in the picture. One man is holding a beer and has a hand in his pocket. wedding guests chatting outside, the reception is held on a farm and there are silos and trees in the background bride and groom enter the marquee and people clap guests in a marquee listening to speeches groom standing on stage giving a speech in a marquee Pictures of the farm where the wedding is taking place at night. The marquee is lit up and there is a firepit a selection of candid wedding photographs of guests enjoying themselves. Dancing, hugging and laughing. The lighting in the marquee is orange. Man holding a drink and smiling at a wedding Father of the bride tearing up the dancefloor. Wedding guest happy and enthusiastically dancing. Bride dancing with her sister and dad. Young woman pulling her brother up from a chair to join in with dancing. A couple sat on a sofa, woman covers her head with a blanket. four pictures of the band playing and the people dancing are silhouettes. The lighting is orange, cyan, magenta, and orange again. Ball paper lantern lights hang from the ceiling of the marquee. Winston and the Lads performing at a wedding reception. The lights are orange. Man doing rock fingers,sign of the horns, in a marquee lit with purple lights at a wedding. He is wearing a waistcoat and tie. Colourful pictures in a marquee for a wedding reception. Orange and purple lighting. A drummer and guitarist are playing, a couple are dancing together. black and white photograph of people at wedding reception. A couple are kissing. Orange lighting on a dance floor, a man hugs a woman and laughs. The marquee is lit purple and woman in a red top looks at the camera. A marquee lit with green and orange lights, decorated with paper ball lanterns, while guests at a wedding dance to the band Wdnston and the Lads.

spring farm wedding in Essex