The new wife and husband walk down the aisle of St Thomas' Church Bradwell-on-Sea.

Church of St Thomas in Bradwell-on-Sea

Rebecca & Richard

Farm Barn Reception

I've ever seen. What an amazing job they did!
It was also wonderful to catch up with Verity and Charlie.

What a perfect time to get married, New Year and a new start to an amazing life together!

I didn't have to wait long for my first wedding of the year, Richard and Rebecca braved the chill to marry on the 2nd of January!

You'd think the festivities of Christmas and New Year would've taken their toll on guests, as you can see they still partied hard on the dance floor set up in Rebecca's family farm barn! The most beautifully decorated working barn

Bride, friend and mum hanging out in a bedroom.
Wedding marked on the calendar in green pen for the 2nd of January.
A woman sat on a bed wearing a big hat.
Moments from bridal preparation. Prosecco and glasses in a kitchen.
The bride having her makeup done, seen in a mirror.
A black dog sits at the bottom of the stairs.
Father of the bride leans over the stairs bannister.
Wedding guests at The Green Man Inn of Bradwell-on-Sea
The groom stands in The Green Man Inn in Bradwell-on-Sea. He is wearing a morning suit with his hands in his pockets.
A man strokes the dog. A woman helps a the bride's mother with her dress.
Moments from the bride dressing in a bedroom.
A bride stands in a bedroom in her dress. In the background two women ar holding the veil.
Father of the bride mucking around while the get ready for the wedding.
A flower girls is sat on a bed and picking the label from a pair of shoes. Two women are sat on the carpet.
A bride in her lace dress carrying white roses is on the stairs at home.
A woman in her wedding dress carrying flowers walks down the stairs of the family home and smiles at her dad.
A little flower girl put s a bauble on a Christmas tree.
Bride and her friend stand in the window at home and smile at each other.
Reportage style wedding photography capturing people arriving at the St Thomas' Church in Bradwell-on-Sea.
Bride and her father stood in the entrance of St Thomas' Church in Bradwell-on-Sea
A woman in a black hat and scarf, gives a reading during a wedding.
A wedding ceremony in progress in Bradwell-on-Sea.
The bride and groom stand in front of the stained glass window and vicar at the St Thomas' Church in Bradwell-on-Sea
The new wife and husband walk down the aisle of St Thomas' Church Bradwell-on-Sea.
A woman in a doorway with a red shawl and black hat. Bride with a surprised happy face.
Candid moments of the bride and her dad.
Outside St Thomas' Church Bradwell-on-Sea on a cold January day wedding guests greet each other after a wedding.
Candid photographs of wedding guests talking to each other, having drinks before dinner.
Groom hugs his bride on their chilly wedding day in January. There is a string of lights behind them on the farm.
Silhouette of a girl standing on a floor of black and white squares. She's looking at the tables and guests at a wedding.
Silhouettes of children running across a black and white dance floor. A man exits the mobile bathroom and a lady covers her mouth and laughs whilst holding a glass of wine.
Some wine glasses on tables. A baby is asleep on the floor at a wedding. He is wearing a bow tie.Black and white photographs capturing people dancing at a wedding. A view of the barn decorated for a wedding. There is a black and white chequered floor, a black ceiling with small lights. Fabric is draped on the walls and above the tables where the wedding guests are sat for dinner. The bride and groom stand together, there are balloons that say love. Meat is being carved at the table at a wedding breakfast. A baby is sat in a white high chair at a wedding reception. People are carving up meat at the wedding breakfast. The barn is draped with fabric that is lit up in warm yellows. A woman in the centre of the picture is sat on a chair crossing her legs. A woman with dark hair in a black dress catches the bouquet and laughs. First dance between bride and groom on a black and white chequered floor. The ceiling is black with tiny lights. A selection of natural photographs of people dancing at a wedding reception. The floor is black and white chequered and the ceiling is black. A girl is sat at a table and she looks being at the man next to her. A woman in a blue top is sat the otherside. A woman with brown hair is holding a microphone and singing in the band at a wedding. Mum, dad and the bride have a hug on the dance floor. Colourful lights at a wedding reception. The ceiling is black with tiny white lights. There are people dancing. Outside the barn there is a fire pit and children are running about. A smoke machine and coloured lights at a wedding reception. A man is singing at a woman. People dance on a black and white chequered at a wedding. A couple sit at a round table at a wedding reception. The walls of the barn are lit up yellow, the blue light of the dancefloor illuminates their faces. First dance in a wedding barn. The floor is black and white. packed dance floor at a wedding. Everyone has their arms around each other in a circle as they sing. People dancing at a wedding reception. Confetti falling down, a black ceiling with small white lights. A man and woman dance together as coloured confetti falls from the air at a wedding reception. A confetti cannon goes off on a dance floor and showers the bride and groom in multi-coloured confetti. Wedding guests dance around them.

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