My job requires me to be curious, helpful, observant, flexible and to take a genuine interest in you and your guests. I will not be a stranger.
I want to capture those sincere moments, your personalities and that very moment in time.
I’m not a stickler though, if your lovely aunt asks me for a picture with her group of friends, then sure, I will of course happily oblige… those moments are no less real then the rest.
As a wedding photojournalist I aim to deliver an honest account of your wedding, so you can look back and remember exactly how you felt that day.
To be honest though, the very kind testimonials from some of my past couples explain what I do far better than I!


Because of my experience shooting concerts and festivals I am often booked all day and all night. I often stay way after the first dance to get the evidence… I mean dancing pictures!

guests dancing together in a marquee at a farm wedding in Essex
dancing at essex wedding
essex wedding reception dancing
thunderstruck at wedding
well dressed guest at wedding in Essex
dancing in london pub at wedding
shropshire wedding confetti cannon
alpheton barn wedding reception dance floor guest
first dance essex wedding
guests wedding reception at night
baby and dad at wedding


Booking & Pricing

As every wedding is so unique, from small local intimate registry office affairs to spectacular two day events abroad I don't have packages, this is a bespoke service.
If you like what you see then please do get in touch to find out if I am available, tell me a little about your plans and I can provide you with a quote.
Then we can talk!
Ideally I like to meet you in person to discuss further if my style is exactly what you want, your plans and to see if we get along.
 This is important to how I work and how you both feel on the day. If this isn't possible then we can just have a chat on the phone.

Booking me is very simple, all it takes is a 10% deposit, a signed contract and you are in the diary, then you can get on with planning the rest of your wedding.
I am very lucky to have worked with some fantastic suppliers over the years, so if you need any recommendations feel free to ask at anytime or check out my suppliers list below.

The Wedding Day

Every single wedding is different so I’ll give you a rough idea how it works if you book me for all day coverage.

I’ll turn up bright and breezy for those getting ready photographs, this helps you get used to the camera and also gives me the opportunity to get to know those closest to you.

After the ceremony if you wish to have group photos this is the only time you’ll hear me telling anyone what to do! You will all want to get on with celebrating so I endeavour to make this as quick, painless and as fun as standing in a line a few times can possibly be.

Then a few minutes alone with you for some portraits if required. I have a very laid back approach to posing, it will feel like a chat and cuddle with the person you just married. Then I’ll leave you completely alone and get back to your wedding party so you can have some privacy. You’ve just got married!

The rest of the day is free for you to continue celebrating the start of your marriage, good conversation, wine, food, dancing… I’ll be there to capture all those candid moments. Documenting the day as it unfolds.

If you don’t mind I will even join you on the dance floor to get those party pictures! On average I’m there for around 12 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less it depends on what you have planned for your reception.

After the day

Around 3-6 weeks later your fully edited hi-res pictures are all yours! If you live locally I will deliver them personally, if not then by special delivery, on a beautiful USB in a keepsake box.
I’ll also provide you with images optimised for social media and if you wish a private gallery so you can easily share them with friends.
If you’d like to purchase an album or prints drop me a line and we can make plans. I store the photographs for 2 years so you have plenty of time to make a decision.


About me

Oh goodness, writing this bit is as awkward as writing a dating profile, which if you are here looking to book me for your wedding you’ll never have to do again!
But it’s necessary, you do need to know at least a little bit about the person you are inviting to your special and emotional day.
I’ve been photographing weddings full time for nine years now, quite unexpectedly to be honest! I studied astrophysics at uni, then I made three lovely boys (I say boys, one is now a man and at university himself), started photographing gigs and then ended up here!
I am so very curious about everything with interests ranging from neuroscience to philosophy, not sure why, it might be that I am deliberately rebelling against  the stereotype of being Tracy from Essex!
Talking of being rebellious, I am also rather known for being responsible for Rage Against the Machine getting to number one at Christmas and raising 163K for Shelter. This however doesn’t mean I am a music snob nor impolite and I am extremely happy to hear some Prince or Wham at a wedding, I am there dancing.. I mean working, on the dance floor.
I also had a radio show (until I became too busy with work) on Phoenix FM called Sonder.
When I’m not at wedding, a gig, or sat at my computer editing pictures you can find me lifting in the gym, on a Netflix binge, laughing at comedy, getting angry about social injustice, listening to BBC 6 or at the cinema.
I am also a proud owner of a Blue Peter badge and a Metal Hammer Golden Gods award.

Tracy Morter Photography