A woman in a wedding dress walks across the grass in front of the marquee. The sun is setting, the guests are inside and outside the marquee. She has dark shoulder length hair and is holding up her dress at the front. A reportage style wedding photograph taken in Essex.

St. Mary Magdalene Church in Great Burstead

Victoria & George Get Married

Victoria married George at the St. Mary Magdalene Church in Great Burstead on a sunny day in early May, it was a full house of many familiar faces.

Then we headed off to the farm, there was quite the set up a tipi for the bar and dancing and a marquee for the wedding breakfast. There was so much attention to detail and it all paid off, it was a beautiful and fun filled celebration, just like the future George and Victoria have ahead of them.

I was a middle of a field, shooting a festival, when the message arrived from Victoria letting me know she was going to marry George.

How pleased I was to hear that news! Tor is one of the happiest wedding guests I have met over the years so I knew her day was going to be full of smiles and a lot of dancing!

A hairdresser holds up a mirror so a bride can see the back of her hair in the mirror. She's smiling. The clock on the wall says it is
A wedding dress made of green foliage and white flowers on a mannequin.
The bride and her friends in matching dark floral pyjamas. The bridesmaids are in long green dresses sat on sofas in a conservatory, the light is streaming in and casting shadows.
A woman putting on her wedding dress is lifting up the skirt with white gloves on. She laughs looking at the camera as her mum is under the dress making adjustments.
The bride in a bedroom in her dress turning round to look at the camera. A man is holding a baby.
Mother of the bride is wearing a pale blue dress and white gloves. She's helping her daughter walk down the stairs in a wedding dress.
The bride on the steps of the family home as her bridesmaids take photos of her in the wedding dress.
The bride dressed and ready for the wedding. She's at home with her family and bridesmaids. Outside the bride stands in the shade holding her bouquet of pink and orange flowers. There's a green 1951 Bentley in the drive.
Bride with her family at home before the wedding.
Groom, groomsmen and guests arriving at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Great Burstead. It's a sunny day in May.
People arrive at a church in Great Burstead for a spring wedding in the sun.
A small girl in pigtails is stood in the sunlight outside a church. The bride is laughing at her bridesmaid who is holding her dress up outside the St. Mary Magdalene Church in Essex.
A woman in a white dress and veil, holding a bouquet of pink and orange flowers. She looks at her dad before the wedding ceremony. Her bridesmaid are behind her in dark green dresses. It is May and sunny.
Bride looks at the groom during their wedding ceremony in St. Mary Magdalene Church in Great Burstead.
A wedding ceremony in St. Mary Magdalene Church Great Burstead. The groom puts the ring on the bride's finger. Some women are singing hymns, a woman is playing the organ.
Newly married couple leaving the St. Mary Magdalene Church.
Wedding guests outside St. Mary Magdalene Church in Essex. A small boy stands among adult guests laughing. You can see all their feet.
Black and white wedding photojournalism in Essex. Candid photographs outside a church in Great Burstead. A man in a morning suit is wearing sunglasses. The mother of the bride in a dress, with a coat and hat, is standing among the wedding guests under the trees.
People throwing confetti and the bride and groom after their wedding in the St. Mary Magdalene Church in Great Burstead. It's a sunny day in May.
A black and white photograph of a newly married couple kissing. The St. Mary Magdalene Church is in the background and the wedding guests are around them.
A woman with dark hair in a wedding dress has confetti in her hair and is laughing. Her mum dressed in pale blue is holding the back of the dress. It's a sunny day and there is lens flare.
Bride and groom in a 1951 Bentley outside the church in Great Burstead.A man in a top hat on a sunny day. Wedding guests in the background. Black and white reportage wedding photographs in the garden. Flower girls, groomsmen and bridesmaids walk along the grass. People sitting on benches. Some laid back group photos in a garden at a wedding. Three little bridesmaids in white dresses. The bridal and groom parties, a small page boy rides off on a scooter. Bride with her grown up bridesmaids. Groomsmen kissing the groom. Guests in hats enjoying sunshine in the garden. Bride laughing with her groom. They are under a tree with green leaves. They are in the garden of the family home in Essex. Bride and groom posing in the family garden under a tree.Bride and groom posing in the family garden under a tree. Wedding details in a marquee at home in Essex. A white cake with 4 tiers. A room full of round tables with dark wooden chairs. People mingling at a wedding in May sunshine. Newly married couple enter for the wedding breakfast. Pictures during the wedding breakfast at a wedding in Essex. Young bridesmaids in white dresses are jumping around on hay bales outside at a wedding. View of a wedding tipi in the spring, the sky is blue. Girls in white dresses are playing. During dessert wedding guests mingle. Outside a man holding a baby orders ice cream from a camper van. Groom is stood up with a microphone stand giving a speech. His bride is laughing and people are clapping. Best men giving speeches inside a wedding marquee. People sat at tables are laughing. There are wine glasses on the tables. A black and white candid moment from an Essex wedding. The bride and groom or stood facing each other while wedding guests walk past. A woman is pushing a buggy in the foreground. The sun is setting. Woman in a wedding dress that she is holding up, she's walking across the grass outside the marquee. The sun is setting. Two women, two friends, are holding hands and laughing together. Outside at a wedding. A firepit burns surrounded by hay bales, the sun is setting and there is a tipip and wedding guests in the background. First dance for a man and woman that just got married. They are in a tipi decorated with fairy lights, the floor is chequered black and white. Bride and groom are dancing together in the middle of a packed dance floor. Women dance with an elderly man at a wedding. People at a wedding dancing in a colourful tipi. Lots of lights. The floor is black and white. A man dancing with a woman in a wedding dress. She is twirling around and laughing. Two people at night in the doorway of a tipi The bride is dancing animatedly at her wedding! Outside at night at a wedding in Essex. There is a tipi and a fire pit. A man holds a bottle of wine for the bride to drink from. Lots of dancing at a wedding reception and multicoloured lights! Silhouettes of people on a dance floor in a wedding tipi. The lights are multicoloured. A man in a waistcoat holds up his arms, one contains a glass of red. A woman carries a man on her shoulders on a busy dance floor. People dancing in a tipi for a wedding. I spot a few couples from my past weddings. A view of a tipi lit up with lights at night for a wedding in Essex.

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