Wedding guests are chatting to each other but the bride is looking at the camera, illuminated by the sunlight. The door of The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Stow Maries is behind her. She is wearing a long lace wedding dress with long sleeves.

The Church of St Mary & St Margaret, Stow Maries

Anna & James Get Married

Even the menu was a family affair, with pumpkin soup from Jim's patch (all the tables were named after pumpkins), beef from Morris farm, a one-off unique dress created by a friend, and lemon drizzle wedding cake made by Cat the bridesmaid!

It was a beautiful September day with stunning wedding details; the transparent marquee set amongst the trees was decorated with lots of beautiful green foliage. Bringing the outside in.

There was very enthusiastic party to wrap it all up.
Entertainment was provided by local live band Winston and the Lads of course.

I was over the moon when Anna got in touch to let me know she was getting married and I realised I was available for that day.

After photographing her sister Jess and her brother Adam's weddings I knew this would be an unmissable event.
And I love seeing how their families have grown, little cousins were playing together all day.

Anna and James got married in Stow Maries, near South Woodham Ferrers, in The Church of St Mary & St Margaret and then a reception in the beautiful garden of Anna's family farm home.

Glasses on a table and a menu. In a sunlit transparent marquee set up for a wedding reception.
A transparent marquee set up for a wedding in the morning. The tables are set and green foliage hangs from the ceiling. It's a sunny day in Essex near Chelmsford.
View of wine glasses on a table, set with plates and cutlery for a wedding breakfast. In a clear marquee on a sunny September day. There are trees and green foliage.
A transparent marquee surrounded by trees on the morning of a wedding.
Bride is getting ready in a dressing gown, she looks out of the conservatory doors holding a glass of wine.
A boy is on the swings. Children play on a sofa bed while a man polishes his shoes.
A woman holds her baby with rollers in her hair. Children play in the garden in the sunshine.
Women are in the kitchen getting ready for a wedding. A boy stands looking out of a window eating.
Bride's nephews are sitting on a sofa together.
Black and white candid moments of the bridal preparation in the family home. Her sister has her hair done. Her brother in law is sewing his waistcoat. Her nieces is with her baby niece.
The bride looks past the camera as her mum and sister help with the dress. A dog sits on the bed.
The bride stands in a bedroom. The light streams through the window. She is wearing full length lace dress and a long veil. She is holding a purse.
Bride's sister looks at the camera with the wind blowing her hair. Bride's mum stands outside the church in Stow Maries, where she also got married. She is wearing a lilac dress and hat, she is smiling.
A man carrying his niece and his daughter in a car seat. He then helps his nephew and son with their buttonholes. The bridesmaids stand outside the church.
Two boys who are cousins are holding hands opposite a little girl, one of the boy's sister. They are on the path leading to The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Stow Maries. There are trees behind them.
Bride walking up Church Lane in Stow Maries towards the church for the wedding ceremony.

A man waits for the bride to walk up the aisle. He pulls faces and then smiles.
The bride and groom look at the camera and smile at the photographer during their wedding ceremony in Stow Maries.
The groom, the bride and her father stand in front of the vicar in The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Stow Maries. They are all smiling.
The rings are exchanged during a wedding ceremony in The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Essex. The best man is giving the rings to the vicar.
The view from behind the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony.
The vicar sits down in The Church of St Mary & St Margaret to give a talk. The bride and groom walk down the aisle.
Black and white photographs outside the church in Stow Maries. The sunlight is behind the bride and wedding guests. The bride moves her long veil.A miniature pony and some small children wait outside The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Stow Maries at a wedding. A miniature pony in a church graveyard. Small children in the background. The bride's sister and brother-in-law are with their small baby daughter. A couple whose wedding I photographed in this same church a few years previously. The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Stow Maries. The man is wearing sunglasses. A group wedding guests outside. A woman with a walking stick is wearing sunglasses. A man has his hand on his chin and finger on his mouth as if he is thinking. A bride leaving The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Stow Maries. The sunlight catches her veil and dress. The wedding guests are lined up along the path. Family and friends throw confetti at a newly married couple outside The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Stow Maries near South Woodham. It's September and sunlight is soft and the trees are still green. Bride and groom drive away from The Church of St Mary & St Margaret church in Stow Maries in a green 1953 Land Rover. Father of the bride is holding his granddaughter. The wedding guests are leaving the church and a groomsman shakes hands with the vicar. People leaving the church after a wedding walk across Woodham Road in Stow Maries. It's a sunny day and they cast shadows on the road. People leaving the church cross Woodham Road in Stow Maries. It's a sunny day and they cast shadows on the road. Wedding guests in a garden around a pond. A young girl leads a miniature pony along at a wedding on a farm. It's September and the sunlight is hazy. A black and white photograph of a bride and groom entering the garden where post-ceremony drinks are taking place. Alex Condliffe plays his Nord keyboard while the wedding guests enjoy their drinks in a sunny September garden in Essex. A man in a morning suit laughs. The groom is stood with a man in sunglasses. The bride is chatting to guests and the dappled sunlight lands on her lace dress. The sunlight highlights the feathers on a woman's hat at a wedding. She is holding a champagne flute. A house is in the background and other wedding guests. Children playing on a swing set in the garden. A mum holds her baby daughter. The transparent marquee is all set for the wedding breakfast. There are long tables set for dinner. Foliage hangs from the ceiling. The trees outside can be seen. The September sunlight pours in. Candid photographs of drinks in the garden. Alex Condliffe is playing the keyboard by a pong in a garden at a wedding reception, it is near South Woodham Ferrers in Essex. The wedding guests are drinking and chatting to each other. A man kisses his baby. A woman dressed for a wedding in a hat cuddles her grandchild next to a pond in her garden. Laid back family wedding group photographs in a garden. Bride wearing a long sleeves lace dress and holding her flowers. Her dad is smoking in the background, they are in a garden. A view of the bride and groom walking from behind in gentle September sunlight. On the steps under a pergola in a family garden a bride and groom kiss. They are surrounded by trees and plants. The bride is wearing a long lace wedding dress with long sleeves. The groom is in a morning suit with a blue waistcoat.A wedding portrait in the family garden. A pergola is behind them, they are surrounded by trees and plants. They are both smiling and looking at the camera.A bride in a long-sleeved lace wedding dress, kisses her new husband. They are in the garden, surrounded by plants and a pergola. A man in a morning suit with a blue waistcoat and pink patterned tie, holds hands with a woman in a wedding dress. They got married earlier today. They are walking outside with trees in the background. It's a sunny September day. People are sat at their tables waiting for the bride and groom to enter the marquee for the wedding breakfast. Father of the bride gives a speech. Mother of the bride is laughing. The bride is looking seemingly at the camera while the groom makes a speech. Mother of the bride has her head in her hands at what she has heard during a speech. A bridesmaid holds her baby daughter. A man sat at a table is laughing. The bride looks up at her new husband while he makes a speech. There is greenery behind her. Candid black and white photographs of wedding speeches being delivered by the best men. People toast the wedding speeches. A woman holding a baby smiles and then man next to her is laughing. A man looks at the camera while laughing at the speeches. A beautiful clear marquee surrounded by trees host a wedding breakfast. People sat at tables chatting and eating. A little girl tries on a hat. The father of the bride sticks his tongue out at the photographer behind the camera. He is sat next to the groom at the top table. The trees are behind them. A man is holding a baby. A small boy is outside. Bridesmaids huddle up on a log and three men in suits, around a fire pit. A purple and orange sky after the sun has set. You can see the silhouette of the home, the trees and a reflection in the pond. There is a transparent marquee and a bar in the middle that surrounds a tree. People in the background are sat at tables. Winston and The Lads wedding band's instruments are set up on stage before the performance at a wedding. Reportage style wedding photography at a wedding reception near South Woodham Ferrers. It's in a clear marquee on a family home garden. People are sat at long tables, you can see the trees through the roof. They are drinking and talking to each other. People are sat at long tables in a transparent wedding marquee at night. You can see green trees outside through the roof. There is foliage hanging from the ceiling. In the foreground women are sat with glasses of wine and they are talking. At night at a wedding reception in a transparent barn, the guests enjoy conversations and ice creams after the wedding breakfast. A woman hitches up her wedding dress as her new husband wields the knife to dramatically cut the cake. A woman drinking a hit drink at a wedding. Two wine glasses and a bottle of water on a bar. A black and white photograph of a bride and groom kissing during their first dance. It is nighttime and they are in a clear marquee. You can see the trees outside and the wedding guests around the dance floor. The woman in a wedding dress is dancing with a man in a suit. They got married today and are at their reception, in a transparent marquee in the family home garden. There is a tree in the middle of the marquee that is lit up. The other guests also dance. Black and white dancing pictures at a reception. First dance at a wedding at home in the garden in Stow Maries. The couple are laughing and the wedding guests have their hands jubilantly in the air. The bride and groom kiss while on the dance floor. The woman is holding her husband's face in her hands. The people watching are clapping. They are in a transparent marquee and you can see the trees outside. It's is dark out. Colourful energetic photographs of people dancing at a wedding reception in Essex. Happy and excitable wedding guests are dancing to Winston and the Lads band performing. The singer looks right at the camera. A selection of photographs of people dancing enthusiastically at a wedding reception in Essex, near South Woodham. A view inside a transparent marquee at a wedding. The tables are empty, the people are all by the bar and dance floor. Half drunk drinks and empty glasses are on the tables. Foliage hangs from above. Outside at night there are trees illuminated by lights surrounding the transparent wedding marquee. Nick the singer in Winston and the Lads crouches down on the floor playing a tambourine. Black and white reportage wedding photography of a night at a wedding reception. The marquee is transparent. A woman does her laces up on her shoe with a bottle of beer on the floor. A man has a tie around his head. Another man plays the tambourine. A man holding a glass of wine is dancing and looking at Winston and the Lads. A man is about to bite into a burger as he is stood at the bar, there is some Heinz Ketchup on the side. Nick of the band is on his knees and singing in a gold jacket. The bride's sister is smiling as people dance behind her. Lots of people dancing and laughing at a wedding reception. The band Winston and the Lads are performing. A woman dancing at a wedding, her hair is moving. A bride has her hand on her chest as she smiles at someone on the dance floor in the transparent marquee at night. A woman hitches up her wedding dress so she can dance. A transparent marquee at night, you can see silhouettes of people at the bar and on the dancefloor. There is a fire pit outside. It's dark at night, you can see the fire pit and the transparent marquee amongst the trees.


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A swan on the River Crouch in the fog, taken in South Woodham Ferrers in Essex.




This wedding took place just a few minutes drive from my home town near Chelmsford. I've lived here for nearly 40 years, so I have little page of my website dedicated to pictures of my town.

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