The bride dressed in a vintage style off the shoulder lace dress is dancing. She is holding her dress and singing. She is in the Foundry at the Houchins wedding venue.

Sarah & Drew Get Married

Coggeshall, Essex

Well maybe she did miss out on the shots, she was in her pyjamas by then!
I think the tequila fuelled some brilliant dancing and dress swishing on the foundry dancefloor that night.
You can even spot that they are all dancing to Proud Mary in the photographs.

Houchins in Essex was the place to be on this wedding day in May if you wanted some vintage glamour!
Sarah clearly took inspiration from the elegant women some of the dinner tables were named after.

She married Drew under the wedding loggia in the garden, and their little daughter was there for everything. For the vows through to joining in with the first dance. She did not miss a moment.

Vintage style wedding table centerpieces. Pictures of Audrey Hepburn, Gene Kelly, Judy Garland and Elvis are used as table names.
Woman in her dressing gown smiling. She is getting ready for her wedding. The photographer is seen in the mirror.
The flower girl in her pyjamas.
Shoes, braces, tie and polish. Men getting ready for a wedding.
Man in front of a mirror tucking his shirt in.
The groom with two beers in the farm house kitchen.
In the farm house the dresses are hanging on the wall. A flower girl walks down the stairs.
A woman is helping dress a little girl for a wedding.
Black and white reportage photographs of bridal preparations in the farm house. Taylor of Houchins is with the bride, letting her know it is time for the ceremony.
A woman in her wedding dress coming down the stairs.
The bride with her father in the farm house preparing for the ceremony. You can see her through the door adjusting the bottom of her dress.
A man stands with his hands behind his back as he waits for his wife-to-be to walk down the aisle.
The grooms and guests are in the dark, outside in the light, the bride and her father are about to enter the ceremony loggia at Houchins.
Father walking with his daughter down the aisle in the Houchins ceremony loggia. She is smiling at her husband-to-be.
A woman in a red and floral dress is giving a speech during a wedding ceremony.
The groom's father is looking on proudly. He is sat in the front row during the wedding ceremony.
A bride in a lace vintage style wedding dress and red lipstick, she is smiling at her husband to be. They are saying their vows in the Houchins ceremony loggia.
A view of the groom in the wedding loggia at Houchins. He is smiling at the woman he is marrying. He has a beard and a blue suit. His tie is pink.
The mums are sat on chairs during the wedding ceremony. The bride's mum is looking the camera's direction.
Registrars are behind a table in the ceremony loggia. The bride and groom are sat on chairs. Their daughter is sat on his lap as he waves.
A woman in a pink lace dress sings at a wedding.
The groom and bride are kissing stood in the Houchins ceremony loggia with their little daughter. All the wedding guests are clapping.
People are lining up along a path in the wedding gardens.With the Houchins farm house behind them a bride and groom walk down the path. Wedding guests throw confetti at them. In the wedding gardens people throw confetti at the newly married couple. Vintage style singers at Houchins wedding venue. Two women are singing into vintage style microphones. A man is reflected in the door. By a bench and a wall in the wedding gardens of Houchins a family pose for pictures. The little girl is being held by her dad and kisses her mum on their wedding day. The groom with his groomsmen. All in blue suits and their hands in their pockets. A newly married couple hold hands in the gateway at Houchins. The bride is wearing a vintage style lace dress with a pink petticoat. The groom is wearing a blue three piece suit. The woman is looking at her husband. A relaxed black and white wedding portrait at Houchins. In the grounds of Houchins a newly married couple kiss each other. There are trees and wild carrot behind them. IN the grounds of an Essex venue the bride and groom pose casually together and have a laugh. A view of all the wedding guests in the gardens at Houchins from above. the newly married couple's daughter runs off. At the chitting shed at Essex wedding venue Houchins, the bride and groom dance together. Then prepare themselves to enter the grain store for the wedding breakfast. Bride and groom make an entrance to the wedding breakfast. A view from above looking down on a round table in the grain store at Houchins. People are eating their starters. Some have soup. A boy is playing on the Switch. Father of the bride hugs his granddaughter. A woman from Limeberry catering brings out dessert at Houchins wedding venue in Essex. Wedding guests standing around in the Chitting Shed The toastmaster stands by as the father of the bride ends his speech. Candid moments of people laughing during the groom's speech at Houchins. Groom giving a speech. They are in the grain store at Houchins. The guests are sat around circular tables. At the top table behind some flowers the groom is laughing at the best man speech. His wife is also laughing. A boy is sat at a table at a wedding. People outside in the wedding gardens are chatting and drinking. A bride is wearing an off the shoulder vintage style lace wedding dress. It's mid-length and she has a pink frilly petticoat underneath. In the wedding gardens of Houchins the bride poses in front of a bench and some wysteria. A woman takes a photograph of the bride and groom with their daughter cutting the cake. The flash is going off. The bride and groom are on the dance floor of the Foundry at Houchins. It's their first dance and their little girl, wearing pyjamas, has joined them. A woman in a vintage style off the shoulder wedding dress and red lipstick, carries her little daughter who is wearing pyjamas. They are dancing with the groom, it's their first dance at Houchins. Two fathers dance with their daughters, the groom with his little girl, and the bride with her dad. A selection of colourful moments on the dance floor at Houchins. The lights are pink, orange and blue. All the guests are dancing and the bride is singing along and swishing her dress. The bride dressed in a vintage style off the shoulder lace dress is dancing. She is holding her dress and singing.The bride dressed in a vintage style off the shoulder lace dress is dancing. She is wearing pearls. She is holding her dress and singing.The bride is twirling in her dress as her friends surround her. The bride is twirling in her dress as her friends surround her. People dancing to the band. Outside the chitting shed wedding guests chat. In the Foundry the lighting is pink and the women are dancing. The bride dancing with Taylor of Houchins wedding venue in Essex. The bride dancing with her father. Photographs of the bride dancing with her friends to Proud Mary. A packed dance floor in the Foundry at Houchins wedding venue. The bride is swishing her dress. Under pink lighting the bride dances. Black and white photographs of people dancing at a wedding reception. Silhouettes of people dancing. The lights are blue, purple, and green. Bride, groom and friends do tequila shots at the bar at Houchins. Groom puts on a wedding garter on the dancefloor. At Houchins the bride and groom are dancing. The lights are orange and magenta. A couple kissing on the dancefloor of The Foundry at Houchins. Houchins at night.


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