wimborne minster wedding

Ceremony at The WImborne Minster Church

George & Sam's Windy Wedding

The Museum of East Dorset

I ran back and forth through the town making a mental to note to come back again one day for a non-working visit.

After the beautiful ceremony in The Minster we all crossed the road over to the reception that so many of the guests helped organise for the celebrations.

Not a typical reception venue, but it really worked, I loved it! So personal and so relaxed... and I loved seeing the band just about manage to fit in surrounded by items in the museum shop!
It was the perfect place for Sam, George, and their loved ones to celebrate and party!
My relaxed documentary style of photography was the perfect fit for this wedding.

Wimborne Minster in Dorset was such a warm and welcoming place to hold a wedding like Sam and George's, it felt like the whole town was the wedding venue!

The year before Sam was bridesmaid for Jen, this time the roles were reversed. One of my favourite things about my job is that I often get to see my couples and their families again, catching up and seeing how everyone is doing!

George and friends prepared the Priest's House Museum (now known as the Museum of East Dorset) tea room and garden for the reception, and Sam and the bridal party got ready across the way at the Kings Head Hotel.

The bridal party on matching dressing gowns enjoying drinks in a hotel room.
The groom laughs with friends in the Museum of East Dorset garden. They are preparing for the wedding later.
A woman with blonde hair takes her wedding dress down from the window it was hanging in.
Natural moments from a hotel room in the Kings Head, Wimborne. The bride with her mum and friends getting ready for the wedding.
Rev. Canon Andrew Rowland chatting to an older woman, a guest at the wedding. The groom is wearing a dark blue suit and is waiting in church for his wedding.
Men adjust their ties in church.
People walking down Church Street to make their way to The Minster for a wedding.
Bridesmaid crouches down the adjust the wedding dress, they are getting ready in a bedroom in the Kings Head hotel in Wimborne Minster. The bride walks down the stairs of the hotel.
The bridal party crossing West Street in Wimborne Minster on the way to the church.
A bridesmaid spreads out a wedding dress at the beginning of the ceremony.
Rev. Canon Andrew Rowland conducting a wedding ceremony in the Minster.
A man and woman kiss during their wedding ceremony in The Minster church. The people in the pews are clapping.
Rev. Canon Andrew Rowland kisses the bride on the cheek after handing her the marriage certificate. The view of The Minster church in Wimborne Minster from the altar. The wedding guests are sat in the pews and a man plays the organ.
A boy is standing on a pillar in the church to watch the wedding, he turns around to look at the camera. A girl is smiling her parent in the pews as a woman takes a photo with her phone. The Minster church in Wimborne Minster.
The bride with her bridesmaids, the groom with his groomsmen.Wedding guests throw confetti petals at a couple after their wedding ceremony. It's a windy day.
People throwing confetti and a bride and groom outside The Minster church. It's a very windy day and all the people are being blown around.
On a windy day people throw confetti and a newly married couple outside the Wimborne Minster church. Everyone's hair and dresses are being blown around.A black and white photograph of a newly married couple kissing. They are outside the Minster church. The wind is blowing the bride's hair. The wedding guests are lined up behind them. A group photograph of all the wedding party outside the Minster church in Wimborne. Rev. Canon Andrew Rowland adjust the groom's tie while the bride smiles and watches on. Bride and groom stand outside the 9 on the Green Bakery in Wimborne Minster. A newly married couple standing in the gardens of the Minster church. The groom looks at the camera and the bride looks at his tie pin. Woman in a white wedding dress and a man in a suit with a pink tie, walk along the High St in Wimborne Minster. They just got married. They kiss outside an estate agents. Black and white candid photographs from a wedding reception in Wimborne Minster. A baby boy sits on a table and stares at a man. A bride huhs a friend and her veil covers them. A woman takes a photograph of the couple with her phone. A reportage style photography at a Dorset wedding. Four women (including the bride) look happy, shocked and surprised at the same time. They are all looking at something off camera. Bride with her mum. The groom picks up his new wife in the gardens of Museum of East Dorset. Wedding guests hold their drinks up to toast the groom during his wedding speech. They are all stood outside in the garden of the Museum of East Dorset. The sun is shining behind the Priest's House Museum as a man gives a speech. Black and white candid photographs of wedding speeches in the garden of the Museum of East Dorset. The groom is laughing, people are clapping. A man hugs another man. A man in a kilt points at the photographer during the wedding speeches. The bride bends over laughing. People enjoying a wedding reception in the garden of the Museum of East Dorset. A bridesmaid is taking a photo of two women who are posing. A woman is holding a sleeping child. Three people with paper plates and drinks look at the camera and laugh. A candid wedding photograph. Two small mischievous boys have a watering can and look at the camera laughing, then they water a man's shoes. A bridesmaid in a pale pinkish dress takes a photograph of the wedding photographer taking a photograph of her. She is using a Fujifilm instax camera. A girl holding a baby. There are two men sat at a table in the background, beer and wine glasses on the table. Man and woman on their wedding day cut the cake, and then eat some.A girl is holding a plate and waiting for wedding cake. She is looking at the camera.
A man kisses a baby boy. Some people rub glitter on a bald man's head.
First dance in the tea room of the Museum of East Dorset tea room. There are books on the shelves behind the couple. She is wearing a white strapless dress and has blonde hair. He has dark hair, a short beard and a white shirt. Friends are filming with their phones.

Partying at a Wimborne Minster wedding, in the tea room of the Priest's House Museum of East Dorset. A woman in a purple silk dress is drinking and smiling. A bridesmaid holds up a pint. The band is playing surrounded by items the gift shop sells.
A couple kiss on the dance floor at a wedding reception in a Dorset museum.
A man picks up a woman in the garden of the Museum of East Dorset at a wedding reception. They are laughing.
Some black and white photographs on the dance floor in The Priest's House Museum. Someone is on another person's back and their bottom is in the air, a shocked woman holds their leg. ANother man opens his jacket on the dancefloor. A woman drinks from the bottle in a marquee.
Candid moments at a wedding reception at The Priest's House Museum. A man looks at the camera holding a flower in his mouth. The bride and groom are holding sparklers. It is night.
A man picks up a woman in a wedding dress and kisses her. They got married today.
The Minster church in Wimborne at night.

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