newly weds kiss outside wedding reception at Lamb Tavern in Leadenhall Market

Rob & Michael Get Married

The Lamb Tavern at Leadenhall Market

After the moving ceremony,  we all got on a bus for a brilliantly loud and cheesy singalong. Trying to dance, sing, and take photos whilst standing on bus is a fun challenge!

Waiting for the bus to arrive near Leadenhall market was Shonagh Duncan the bagpiper, who led the grooms and guests to the warm welcome of The Lamb Tavern for the wedding reception.

Rob and Michael started their marriage with the most amazing wedding day in London, full of the people and things that they love.
Their beloved dog did have to stay behind but he appeared on top of the cake.

The ceremony was in the Westminster room at the Old Marylebone Town Hall, one of my favourites and probably one of the most famous register offices. It's 100 years old this year, and many a celebrity couple have married here over those years.

A boy is holding a box containing a wedding ring. People are arriving. A red bus can be seen out of the window of the ceremony room. Two men enter the Westminster room for their wedding ceremony as their friends and family clap. Black and white photographs of a wedding ceremony at the Old Marylebone Town Hall. A young woman cries as she gives her reading. The grooms kiss as the registrar announces they are married. They are in the Westminster room. The two men hug after after getting married in the Westminster room at The Old Marylebone Town Hall. The wedding guests are seated and are clapping. The grooms take a quiet moment after the ceremony in the Marylebone Room, they are emotional and hugging each other. Two newly married men walk down the steps of the Old Marylebone Town Hall as guests throw confetti at them. They are holding hands and wearing blue suits. Guests from a wedding leave the Old Marylebone Town Hall and board a red london bus. Two men kiss on a bus. Wedding guests are enjoying the journey. Candid photographs on a bus of wedding guests and a groom. Shonagh Duncan the bagpiper meets the wedding guests as they get of the red double decker bus. She leads them to the reception venue in Leadenhall Market. The grooms arrive at the Lamb Tavern and are greeted with drinks. People eating canapes at a London wedding pub reception. A man in a suit at his wedding outside a pub in Leadenhall Market. He is holding a champagne flute. Newly married men smile and kiss each other in Leadenhall Market at their Lamb Tavern wedding reception. PIcture from above of people in a pub at a wedding. The tables set up ready for the wedding breakfast at the Lamb Tavern at Leadenhall Market. People clapping and toasting during speeches at a reception. A small boy is wearing a mask of a groom's face. The wedding guests are laughing. Speeches at a wedding after the dinner. The grooms hug each other after the speeches. Staff at the Lamb Tavern watch. There is a picture of their wedding cake with a silhouette of the couple and their dog on top. A magician performs tricks for the top table at a wedding reception at the Lamb Tavern. A woman is shocked and covers her mouth with her hands. Alfie Deliss aka Mr Sketchum draws a caricature of a couple. Candid photographs of guests outside the Lamb Tavern at a wedding reception. The band are playing in Leadenhall market. A groom is dancing with two young women. A small boy is wearing a mask that looks like a groom. Some people are sat down on chairs outside the Lamb Tavern. The shop Reiss is behind them. A young man has covered his eyes with a hand, a woman holds two drinks and is laughing, another woman has a glass of wine and is also laughing. A man standing up looks at the laughing women, another man looks at the camera. A reportage style wedding photograph. bnad playing outside the Lamb Tavern. The wedding reception at The Lamb Tavern, the newly married couple are about to cut the cake. Twp men are dancing outside The Lamb Tavern. Husbands stand together at night in Leadenhall Market.

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