The newly married couple cut the cake and the cake made of cheese at the wedding. The bride is holding their dog at the same time. They are outside The Lodge barn and bar at Preston Court near Canterbury.

A Preston Court Wedding

Jodie Beth & Paul Get Married

The ceremony took place on Juliana’s Island in the middle of a little lake, and after the glass was broken and kisses were had it was time for drinks on the lawn.

This set the mood for the rest of the day.

Great conversation, laughter, drinks, and dancing into the night!

Such a beautiful sunny September day in Kent. Jodie Beth and Paul could not have planned better weather for their wedding at Preston Court.

Even Harley joined in and enjoyed the day, thanks to Penny's Pooches chaperoning their beloved dog to the wedding.

Bride and her family getting ready for the wedding at the Iffin Farmhouse in Canterbury. A man pets the dog. A woman beings in the flowers. Man is wearing a father of the bride shirt.
The bride laughs while having her hair done.
A couple hugging outside the accommodation. The mother of the bride helps brush the dog ready for the wedding.
A wedding dress hanging up in an open door at the Iffin Farmhouse. The sun is shining and the sky is blue.
The flower girls looking at the camera in a black and white photograph. The bridesmaids are walking along with the dog in front for car.
The groom is waiting with the rabbi for the bride. The bride is laughing while her dad adjusts his suit.
Guests laughing as the wait for the bride under some trees. The bridal party can be seen over the bridge in the garden at Preston Court venue. It's a sunny day and the sky is blue.
A wedding ceremony on Juliana's Island at Preston Court. A little dog is watching.
Bride drinks from a cup of wine during Sheva B'rachot. The wedding is on Juliana's Island at Preston court. They are surrounded by family and trees.
A bridesmaid gives a reading.
The groom is breaking the glass during a Jewish wedding ceremony at Preston Court.
Groom kissing wife at end of wedding ceremony.

People throwing confetti at a newly married couple.
A little flower girl is holding a man's hand and is smiling up at him. there are other adults around her but you can only see her face. A reportage wedding photograph.
A black and white portrait of a bride, groom and their dog. The man is pressing his nose up to his new wife's head. She is smiling at the camera.
A chicken, a man playing the guitar and the bride and groom after a winny wedding ceremony.
A small flower girl is holding a can of drink, she is stood next to a little dog. Behind her are more wedding guests in this reportage style wedding photograph in Kent.
In the grounds of Preston Court a couple who just got married walk their dog. It's September and some leaves are already on the ground.
Father of the bride gives a speech outside. The sky is blue and the bride and groom are wearing sunglasses. People raise glasses.
A flower girl leans across a table decorated for a wedding at Preston Court. She is reaching for a balloon in the middle of the table.
A woman holding a tiny baby.
Bride making her way through tables of guests in the Kentish barn as people clap.
Groom's speech.
A woman is holding a baby wearing protective ear defenders. The groom is giving a speech and his wife laughs.
Scott Anderson event caterers at Preston Court in Kent. A man is cooking burgers on a grill and people are lining up to fill their plates.
Two women are sat on a bench in the Lodge Barn at Prested Court. They are taking off their shoes because their feet hurt, the woman on the right is laughing. A candid reportage style wedding photograph.
A man holds a newborn baby. The flower girls are sat outside the Kentish Barn in white dresses, they are eating lollipops.
Black and white photojournalistic style photographs at a wedding at Preston Court in Kent. Children in dresses play outside. A bridesmaid who is expecting a baby stands outside the Kentish barn. People are sat at tables.
Someone filming a best man speech with a phone.
A man with a newborn baby. Girls playing in trees.
A flower girl hugs the groom.
Man holding his dog stood next to the woman he married that day. A wedding guests in a yellow and black dress runs away from the bride and groom who laugh. They are in a field.
A girl photobombs a wedding portrait in a field by doing a cartwheel.
A twilight view over Preston Court. The lights from the Kentish Barn glow orange.
A bridesmaid and another woman are sitting on a bench around a tree, they are drinking tea. This is a reportage style black and white wedding photograph at Preston Court venue in Kent.
A man and two women are looking at the camera and smiling.
The newly married couple cut the cake and the cake made of cheese at the wedding. The bride is holding their dog at the same time. They are outside The Lodge barn and bar at Preston Court near Canterbury.
Black and white photographs of the bride and groom having their first dance at Preston Court venue in Kent. The brides dress is fanned out behind her, there are little spots of light on the floor.
Black and white candid photographs from the dancing in the evening at a wedding. A man sticks his tongue out at a small baby that he is holding.
A guitarist with his hands behind his head.
Small children asleep on a man and a woman on a sofa. They are inside the Lodge barn at Preston Court.
Bride and groom during the Hora dance at a wedding reception at Preston Court in Kent. They are laughing while their friends lift them up on chairs.
People at a wedding dancing in a circle.
Black and white photographs of a wedding reception in Kent. Dancing in a barn.
Woman on the dance floor in the Kentish Barn at Preston Court in a wedding dress. Other women are holding the dress out, she is laughing. The lighting is white and magenta.
People on the dance floor in the barn at Preston Court. A man is playing the air guitar.
Preston Court at night.