I do love a Bristol wedding so I was more than happy to pop down the M4 for the wedding of Madeline and Pete.
I was particularly impressed by Emma, the minister at the beautiful St Alban’s Church, not only does she refuse to do the “who gives this woman” part because, as she explained, women are not property, she also set off a firework, and had genuine joy on her face during the ceremony as you can see!

But what I loved the most about this wedding was how every family member contributed to the day, this bodes well for the future. Dad Kevin trawled the charity shops of Brighton during his lunch hours to buy glasses (everyone had a different glass), the bride’s brother played violin in church and I was booked because of Madeline’s mum!
I was featured in the f2 Freelance Photographer magazine a few years ago, she worked in a library and archived copies of that magazine. When her daughter got engaged she remembered me. I do like being found in an unexpected way!

After the entertaining ceremony we headed to The Elmgrove Centre which had been beautifully decorated by everyone involved. Awaiting the guests was the Cracking Hog Roast company who absolutely lived up to their name, the food was delicious, and I always welcome an opportunity to photograph people carrying big plates. Still waiting for a guest called Alan though.
I also had the opportunity to indulge in my geek side, Dr Madeline now has her PhD in bioengineering so I enjoyed some fascinating conversations with her peers.

As promised on the sign they put up to warn their guests… I did indeed capture the drunken shenanigans fuelled by their open bar! The Jig Mad Wolf Ceilidh Band were on hand to entertain and make sure everybody got up to dance.
I really enjoy photographing a ceilidh, there’s almost a danger element to it. You have to learn the dance, observe, get in there with everyone to take the action photos and then quickly retreat as to not to get run over by an enthusiastic dancer.

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