bride and groom in golden light at humanist wedding in suffolk

A Humanist Wedding

Lizzie & Sean Get Married

After the personal and sunny humanist ceremony in the garden of Lizzie's parents, the cake was cut, and speeches were made before heading down to a neighbouring barn for the reception. Family and friends contributed so much to this day, I do hope these pictures bring back all those memories of the people who care for them and what they did for their wedding.

After the food it was time to play, a game of Mario Kart on the Switch was on offer, various card games, beer pong... or you could just dance to the best cheesiest playlist I've heard in a longtime. I was very impressed, I haven't danced to B*Witched in years.

There was a heatwave, Exploding Kittens, Mario Kart, a handmade dress, sunflowers and pigs.

Before anyone worries no cats got so hot they popped, it's a card game. I might have nearly melted a bit though.
It wasn't quite the hottest wedding that summer, but close.

I ended up here because many years ago I photographed the band Sean was in, Tubelord (their debut album was reissued last year), at a festival called Offset. When it came to planning their wedding with the wonderful Lizzie, they thought of me.
Lizzie made her own dress and drank a cup of tea whilst delivering her speech, Sean's a lucky person.

A barn decorated with lights on the ceiling. The tables are long and rectangular and set with plates, cutlery, plants and glasses ready for wedding. An ironing board with iron next to clothes on backs of chairs. A dog jumps on the bed covered with makeup. Woman standing by the window with a fan. Dog joins in with getting ready. Woman applying eyeliner in a bedroom. Sunflowers next to a PS4 pro, both for a wedding. Man doing some ironing. Women applying makeup in mirrors. Bride sitting on a bed that is covered with makeup. She's looking in a small mirror she is holding. Woman sat on the floor helping her friend with her makeup. They both sit with crossed legs. There are books and toys on a shelf next to a bed. A wedding reportage style picture that is unposed. Groom is getting ready with his friends. He goes upstairs to see his bride before the wedding. Bride is putting on the wedding dress she made herself. Mum helping her daughter into her wedding dress. Bride in her dress walking down the stairs on her wedding day. Bride is sat in front of a building that has pale blue doors. Woman in her homemade wedding dress looks at the camera and smiles. Her 6 bridesmaids all dressed in different navy dresses stand behind her. Parents of the bride walk her down the aisle in a marquee in the garden. She is laughing. A humanist wedding ceremony in a garden of yellow flowers and sunshine. The couple are holding hands and standing in front of their friends and family. Bride is wearing a dress she made herself. Bride and groom look at each other. They are very happy as they are about to start their humanist wedding ceremony. They are holding hands. They are in a garden in Suffolk, the flowers and yellow and it's very sunny. The celebrant is reading. Candid moments from a humanist wedding ceremony in a sunny family garden. Man and woman take their vows in the garden. A woman puts the ring on her husband's finger and they kiss. It's a humanist ceremony in a garden full of yellow flowers. The bridesmaids are sat down and watching. Just after a humanist wedding ceremony the guests clap. Man and woman cut their wedding cake. Mario and Princess Peach are the cake toppers. Woman and her dog sat on the grass. Sunflowers in a vase.Woman in her homemade wedding dress holds a cup of tea and a microphone, she is giving a speech at her wedding. Her husband is stood just behind her. They are in a sunny garden full of yellow and red flowers. Candid wedding photographs of wedding speeches outside in a garden. It's sunny. The groom hugs his mum. Bride's dad holds his speech. Black and white reportage style photographs of wedding speeches. Bride and groom are laughing. Best man giving a wedding speech outside. People watching wearing sunglasses. Bride and groom are sat on a garden sofa in a greenhouse. Groom with his mum. They are standing outside in a lane in a field. The wedding breakfast in a pretty barn. People are talking to each other at tables. Relaxed family group photos at a wedding. Bride with her hands on her hips. An easygoing group family wedding photograph. People sat around tables for the wedding breakfast in a barn in Suffolk. Bride and groom mucking about for some casual relaxed wedding portraits. A man and woman on the evening of the wedding are posing together as the sun sets behind them in the Suffolk countryside. Wedding guests looking some pigs at a wedding. All the light is pink as the sun is setting. A man is lying down in the grass and a woman is sitting up watching the sunset. The light is pink. There is a glass of wine next to her. The light is pink from the setting sun as guests drink and be together outside the barn at a wedding. Small dog sitting on a woman's lap. She is sat on a chair outside and night. Groom is DJing and two men are playing Mario Kart projected onto the wall at wedding reception. Bride and groom dancing together at wedding. Guests are dancing with each other around them and there are lots of fairy lights on the ceiling and walls. The bride has changed into shorts for the wedding reception. Bride and groom dancing together at wedding. You can only see the bride's face and she's ecstatically happy. Guests are dancing with each other around them and there are lots of fairy lights on the ceiling and walls. Bride and groom dancing together at wedding. You can only see the bride's face and she's ecstatically happy. Guests are dancing with each other around them and there are lots of fairy lights on the ceiling and walls. A selection of pictures of people dancing at a wedding. They are in a barn decorated with warm lights. Candid moments from a wedding reception in Suffolk. Lots of dancing. Couple dancing at evening reception. Fairy lights in the background.Dancing and card games at a wedding reception. Three men who are working the bar at a wedding. The man in the middle has his finger up his nose. Bride is dancing very animatedly with her friends at her wedding. She is wearing white shorts and top, their are fairy lights on the ceiling of the barn. Lights on the ceiling as two men dance with each other at a wedding. People are playing beer pong, bride and friends are eating and laughing at the game.


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