A woman in a blue dress and sunglasses, walks with a man in a purple suit. They are outside Petersham Nurseries in Richmond on their sunny wedding day.

Petersham Nurseries Café in Richmond

Lisa & Andrew

A Wedding on the Yarmouth Belle boat, the River Thames

After the preparations at home with friends and family were over we headed off to the beautiful Petersham Nurseries for lunch amongst the plants and flowers... and a little robin.

A very leisurely sunny walk along the Thames brought us to the dock for drinks and laughter before boarding the boat for vows and dancing!

What a treat this wedding was for me on many levels.

Obviously of course I had the company of wonderful people (but then I only book couples like this), but there was also a first look, my first wedding on a boat and if you take a look at Andrew the groom's blog you'll see that I got chat about my first love - astrophysics.

Bride walking with the groom in the morning, she's been to the hairdressers.He has a bubble gun. She is carrying flowers.
The groom's first look at the bride in her dress. It's bright blue and fishtail. They are at home.
Women helping men with their buttonholes in the street.
The wedding party are standing in the street waiting for taxis.
A friend arrives at the bride's home and hugs her.
Pictures at home before leaving for the wedding.

The bride and groom in the back of a tax on the way to their wedding. They are smiling.
Bride and groom and mum take a taxi.
Bride and groom making their way to the Petersham Nurseries Café in Richmond. Bride is wearing a bright blue fishtail dress and sunglasses. The groom is wearing a purple suit.
People arriving at Petersham Nurseries Café for a wedding lunch.
Champagne being drunk during a wedding lunch.
Candid moments during wedding speeches at the Petersham Nurseries Café in Richmond.
A man looks at the camera while sitting at a table with other people Petersham Nurseries Café in Richmond.
A robin on the back of a chair in Petersham Nurseries Café in Richmond. The bride is giving a speech.

Bride waving in sunglasses.
The wedding party walking along the Buccleuch Passage.
Bride and groom and wedding guests walking through a field.
Wedding party walk along the Buccleuch Passage in Richmond
Bride in her blue dress and sunglasses, groom in his purple suit, the rest of the wedding guests follow their lead on the Buccleuch Passage.
People on the steps near Richmond Bridge.
Pictures of the bride and groom with family by the river.
Bride and her father walk along the River Thames in the sunshine. The bride is in a bright blue fishtail dress.Friends of the bride arrive at Richmond Pier for the wedding reception. They are all in bright colourful dresses, yellow and green. They are smiling and laughing. There are willow trees by the river. Bride with her friend in front of Richmond Bridge in the sunshine. Bride is in a bright blue dress, her friend is in green. Bride and groom are standing together. She's looking at the camera, the Richmond Bridge is behind her. Wedding guests by the river. A woman with blonde hair smiles at the camera.        Bridal portrait in front of the river. Groom hugs the bride and kisses her cheek. The River Thames is in the background. Portrait of the groom.Groom hugs the bride and kisses her cheek. The River Thames is in the background. Two women playing the violin while wedding guests drink at Richmond Pier by the River Thames. Drinks by the River Thames. Man looking out at the Yarmouth Belle arriving at Richmond Pier. People waiting to board the Yarmouth Belle boat from Turks at Richmond. For a wedding reception. Bride and groom show the camera their wedding ceremony speeches. A couple kiss by the River Thames in Richmond. THey are about to take their wedding vows. Wedding guests make an arch and the bride and groom walk under it onto the boat. People making an arch for the bride to walk under. A wedding ceremony taking place on a boat on the River Thames by Richmond Pier. People are watching from outside The White Cross pub. The groom looks at the bride and smiles. They are taking their wedding vows on a boat. Taking their vows on a boat. Drinks outside on a boat on the Thames. The wedding guests are smiling and talking. Reportage style photography of a wedding on a boat on the River Thames. A man in a pael suit, with a hat and moustache is leaning. The bride and groom have drinks and the river is behind them. Wedding photojournalism style photography in London. It's a candid moment of four people sitting together on a boat. Nobody is looking at the camera. A woman is hugging a man who is leaning against the railings on a boat. The woman is looking at the camera smiling. The man is looking the other way and has a glass of wine. There is a wedding on the boat, it is night and on the River Thames. The fathers of the wedding couple are giving speeches. The bride's dad is holding a microphone and laughing. They are on a boat lit up with red and green lights. Fathers of the couple giving a speech and the bride laughs. The bride and groom having their first dance on a boat on the River Thames. She is wearing a blue dress, and he is wearing a purple suit. A wedding reception on a boat from Turks River Cruises. There are colourful lights on the ceiling and the wedding guests are dancing. Father of the bride looks at the camera. SIlhouettes of people on a boat on the River Thames at a wedding reception. A woman swishing her yellow dress while dancing at a reception. Black and white reportage style wedding photographs of the reception. They are on a boat from Turks River Cruises at night. A woman has a shawl to keep her warm. A couple are hugging. View of some boats on the Thames at night. Bride and groom having a last dance at the wedding reception on a boat. All the guests join in.The bride blowing kisses at the end of the wedding reception on a boat called the Yarmouth Belle. The lighting is red. The people clap.

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