St Andrew’s Church, Bagenalstown

Ally & Dan's Wedding Day

Kilkenny River Court Hotel

It was the perfect day full of smiles. Daniel and Ally got married at St Andrew’s Church in Bagenalstown, and a short drive through the countryside and we were at the Kilkenny River Court Hotel for food, drinks, and dancing.

As I expected the wedding ended with quite the party as you can see, and you may even spot me in one of the pictures!
A guest insisted I had to be in at least one of them!

This was quite an adventure for me, one that started in Essex at 4am one morning when I set off in my car heading for Kilkenny!
What a long, but pretty drive that was.

I first met Ally a couple of years before her day, she was at her cousin Avril’s wedding in the Cotswolds, so I was looking forward to catching up with all the family again!

Ally’s mum looked after me well, insisting on cooking me a delicious breakfast when I arrived in the morning to take pictures of the bridal preparations.
Such a lovely person, now greatly missed.

The bride and her parents on the morning of the wedding. Her mum is ironing, dad is sat on the sofa. Bride is looking in the mirror in one picture, sat at a table with a cup of tea in another.

Candid black and white photographs from the morning of a wedding. The bride is sat in a chair looking at the camera. Dresses are hung up in skylight windows. Groom fixes his cufflinks.

A woman in her dressing gown having breakfast. Her mum has her hair in rollers and is having her makeup applied. Groom looks at the camera and smiles. He is wearing a white shirt, white waistcoat and tie.

People arriving at St Andrew’s Church in Bagenalstown. Three women all dressed up cross the road.

Mother if the bride is wearing pale blue and smiles at the camera, she speaks to the priest. A little flower girl is holding a bouquet.

Bride arrives at St Andrew’s Church in Bagenalstown with her father.

A wedding ceremony in St Andrew’s Church, Bagenalstown. A flower girl cuddles her mum in a pew.

Bride and groom take their vows in St Andrew’s Church, Bagenalstown.

A view from behind the newly married couple leaving the St Andrew’s Church, Bagenalstown.

Wedding guests standing outside St Andrew’s Church, Bagenalstown after a wedding. Two women laugh with the priest. The couple stand on a red London bus in Ireland.

View through the car door of the bride laughing after her wedding. In another picture she looks out of the car window with a smile on her face, a young girl is putting her hair behind her ear.

The bride and groom cuddle and kiss by the River Barrow. The family have a group photo.

The bride goes to visit a family member at home who was unable to attend the wedding.

Bride and groom cross the road in Kilkenny.

The bride and groom pose in the Butter Slip medieval corridor in Kilkenny. A man in pink shorts walks past carrying a box of Bulmers.

Outside the The Tholsel, the city hall in Kilkenny, a bride and groom kiss by the pillars as people walk past.

In the grounds of Kilkenny Castle there are two newly married couples. A couple are on a bench in the background, my couple are holding hands and smiling at each other in the foreground. In the distance people are visiting. On the way to the castle the bride and groom walk past a man wearing shorts and green trainers, he smiles at them.

A taxi driver laughs as a happy bride and groom walk past him in the street in Kilkenny. In the grounds of the castle the couple pose in front of a water fountain.

Wedding guests at Kilkenny River Court Hotel. Two men in chairs lean over the backs to chat. A man looks over the back of a bench.

Wedding guests in the bar at the Kilkenny River Court Hotel. A woman in a sparkly dress sits on the edge of a chair, a couple sit together and look in the same direction. A man is smiling while talking to a bridesmaid.

One of my couples from a previous wedding sit on a bench with their baby daughter.

Pictures of people on the top table at a wedding laughing during the speeches.

View from the Kilkenny River Court Hotel at night.

Man sitting outside at the Kilkenny River Court Hotel. He looks at the camera whilst smoking.

Bride and groom holding each other outside the Kilkenny River Court Hotel, by the water at night.

Wedding guests at the Kilkenny River Court hotel at night.

Irish dance at a wedding reception in Kilkenny. The lighting is pink and red. The bride and groom join in.

Dancing at a wedding at the Kilkenny River Court hotel. The bride is dancing with her dad.

Man on keyboard in a band doing sign of the horns. People at the bar at a wedding reception.

Band playing and people dancing.

Man playing air guitar at wedding reception.

Two women on the dancefloor at Kilkenny River Court hotel. They are on their knees playing air guitar.

Woman lying back on her knees playing air guitar at a wedding reception.

People on their knees at wedding reception. Man playing guitar.

End of the wedding reception. Photographer in a group photo as Toto's Africa is playing.

Woman with dyed platinum hair shaking her head. Bride is dancing and smiling at the camera, bridesmaid has her hands in the air. At the Kilkenny River Court hotel.

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