View from behind of bride and groom walking down the wooden steps to their wedding reception in a field. There is a tipi in the field and wedding guests. There are trees above them.

Jess & Tom

Stow Maries, Near South Woodham Ferrers

The wedding was wonderfully style by sister ANna, and she also drove a tractor full of guests to the reception. A woman of many talents as you can see.

The delicious fish free sushi appetisers were from Happy Maki, I highly recommend reading about the story of how the company came about. Inspiring indeed.

Tom and Jess had an absolutely perfect wedding that reflected who they and their friends and families are. Exactly how it should be.

Well this was a particularly special wedding for me having known the family for a few years now. They run the Brownstock festival and Jess gave me a chance all those years ago in granting a newbie photographer a photopass. I've been shooting it ever since and it's been wonderful to see it grow and become the event of the year for locals!

You can imagine such a wedding was going to be pretty amazing and it most certainly was, ever seen a bride crowd surf? No, well then scroll down to see the action! Winston & The Lads played an amazing set and many of the members are also a part of Stealing Signs. This year they are in charge of the Treehouse Stage at Brownstock so I can highly recommend checking it out.

Music also came from Mat 'Format' Dixon, DJ and Festival Director extraordinaire and Andy Hatman Laurie. Much partying was to be had.

Candid reportage style pictures of wedding preparation at home in Essex. A little girl smiles up at the bride in rollers. A dog is under the bed. The groom is with his friends clay pigeon shooting on the morning of his wedding. Bride laughs with rollers in her hair. Bride is having her makeup done as she wears rollers in her hair. Man ironing his shirt in the kitchen. Looking out of a bedroom window to see a man and his daughter sat on a bench in a garden. Mother of the bride stands in a doorway and smiles. Bride, sister and mum are in the bedroom getting ready for a wedding. There is a black dog on the bed. Bride is in a dressing gown with her sister, a dog sits on the bed. The bride in a bedroom looking out to a window. A woman in her wedding dress helps her dad do up his tie. This is reflected in a mirror. They are in a bedroom. A bride looks in a mirror on a dressing table in front of a window. In the garden of the family home a bride is with her sister and mum, and the flower girl. It's before the wedding on a sunny day. A portrait of the bride. Siblings on a wedding day. In the family home garden, the bride is in the middle. The mother of the bride on her way to the wedding. The groom sits in a pew at The Church of St Mary & St Margaret, waiting for his wife-to-be. The bride looks at her dad as they arrive at The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Stow Maries. Bridal party and vicar are waving. Pictures during a wedding ceremony at The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Stow Maries. The bride is wearing a lace dress, the groom is in a dark suit with a spotted yellow tie. The bride is stood between the groom and her dad. She is looking at her husband-to-be in a church in Essex. The bride smiles at her husband at the end of the wedding. Couple walking down the aisle of a church in Stow Maries. Wedding photographs of people outside The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Stow Maries. In the grounds of The Church of St Mary & St Margaret in Stow Maries a newly married couple walk down the path. Under the trees. People are throwing confetti. Bride is smiling and holding flowers. She is sat in a Land Rover and her husband is driving. Wedding guests in the garden of the family home, there is a pond and trees. Bridesmaid is driving a tractor. It's pulling a trailer of wedding guests to the reception from the church. In the garden of the family home the bride and groom pose for some laid back pictures. A relaxed bride and groom portrait.Groom is carrying his wife who is laughing. The grandmother and mother of the bride. A view of a wedding Tentipi in a field, with the Essex countryside of Stow Maries in view. The bride and groom come down the wooden stairs outside down to their wedding reception. A bridesmaid helps the dress. Bride is laughing and looking up at her father giving a speech. Her sister is sat on a bench. Father of the bride delivering a speech at the wedding. Wedding guests sat at benches during the speeches. There are glasses of wine on the tables. They are in a Tentipip. A reportage style wedding photograph of a bride laughing sat at a table. The table is full of champagne flutes and a big bottle of wine. A wedding guest in a chef's hat and apron carves the beef for the wedding breakfast. Wedding photojournalism style pictures from a wedding reception near Chelmsford. A man holds a baby, people are sat at a bench table for dinner. A toddler lies on the ground. A girl hides under a wedding dress. Children are inside a sky cable car. A boy in a chef's hat and apron salutes. The bride and groom are laughing. They are sat on a swing in the trees. The wedding is in Stow Maries near South Woodham Ferrers. Bride is laughing and looking at the groom. They are sat on a swing in the trees holding wine glasses.. Bride is laughing and looking at the groom. They are sat on a swing in the trees. The bride and groom walk down the wooden steps to the Tentipi, for their wedding reception. The guests are already down there. Three women on a bench, one woman kneeling on the grass at a wedding. ONe woman has taken her shoes off. There is a Tentipi behind them. Three photographs of the first dance. The reception is in a Tentipi, the wedding guests are watching. first dance at a farm wedding in a Tentipi. The groom spins the bride around. The groom is wolf whistling and his wife is smiling as they dance on packed dance floor at a wedding in Essex. A Tentipi wedding reception. There is a disco ball, coloured lights and a band. People are dancing. A man sticks his tongue out at the camera.A man is dancing with two women, he spins them around. Candid pictures of dancing at a reception. The sun has recently set. The sky is orange and purple. A man is carrying a woman in a wedding dress. Black and white photograph taken at twilight. The groom is carrying his new wife. A twilight view from above over a wedding at home on a farm. there is a ski cable car, a yurt and a Tentipi. There are red, green and blue lights. There are strings of lights. Fields in the background. DJ Mat 'Format' Dixon at a wedding. People are dancing a Tentipi lit up in colours. Woman sits on a bench at a wedding to check her phone. Will Daly is drumming. A man is DJing. Women sit around a fire pit. A bride is talking to two people in the background. Will the drummer in Winston and the Lads shows me his Foo Fighters tattoo. There is a firepit. Winston and The Lads wedding band performing under coloured lights at a wedding reception. A man is crowd surfing at a wedding reception in a Tentipi. There are colourful lights. Winston and The Lads wedding band playing a wedding near South Woodham. Bride in a lace wedding dress is crowd surfing at her wedding. A man is doing rock fingers. Bride dancing with her sister. Details of a wedding at night. Wine bottle on a table, a ski cable car, a Tentipi lit up with lights. Unposed photographs of the bride and groom leaving the wedding reception and walking up the steps. The brie is smiling. the wedding is in Stow Maries in Essex. A Tentipi for a wedding reception is lit up green and orange, there is a fire pit people are sat next to, and in the tipi there are people dancing under orange and purple lights. It is nighttime at a wedding near South Woodham Ferrers. A sign saying "Jess and Tom 19th July 2014". Up a hill looking down the view of a festival themed wedding. A tipi and yurt, there is green lighting by a tree.

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