A spring farm wedding in Essex. The bride and groom walk down the path next to some daffodils in the gentle light from a sun low in the sky.

An Essex Countryside Village wedding

Jennifer & Charlie Get Married

After a beautiful service, where Jen's brother did a wonderful job of walking her down the aisle, everyone headed to the Essex farm to eat, drink and be very merry. The daffodils were in bloom, the dog was happy to see everyone and the cows even make an appearance.

My talented friends Winston & The Lads  made an appearance in the evening which is always a pleasure, no worries about getting everyone on the dance floor when they are around!

Springtime gave me two weddings I had particularly looked forward to photographing, having photographed both couples at many weddings over the years it was wonderful to see them have their days... and the brides were bridesmaids for each other!

First up we have Jennifer and Charlie who married on a perfect sunny April day at one of the two neighbouring churches  of Willingale near Chelmsford. 

Bridesmaids in pyjamas drinking fizz and toasting Polaroids of a woman getting ready for her wedding. Some natural moments around the house as a bride gets ready for her wedding with family and friends. Bride at home looking at the camera in front of venetian blinds. Bridesmaids overwhelmed as the bride reveals her dress in the living room. She's with her mum in a pink hat. Man sitting in back of car to do up his shoes before wedding. St Andrew's and St Christopher's churches in Willingale that share a graveyard. People arriving at one of the churches in Willingale. Woman in blue and black floral dress is crossing the road in Willingale. She's just gotten off the number 46 bus from Chelmsford. Bridesmaids helping bride with her dress after arriving in a burnt orange VW. Bride with her brother in uniform. They are stood at the entrance of the church before the wedding. Woman in wedding dress stood next to her brother in uniform and her groom. Very happy bride and groom taking their vows. They are in the St Christopher's Church in Willingale near Chelmsford. Bride and groom kissing now they are married. They are stood in front of the reverend who is clapping. Inside the St Christopher's Church in Willingale during the wedding ceremony. Behind the couple is the east window of the chancel, a stained glass window made in approx. 1878 by the firm Saunders and Co. Newly weds walk down the aisle of St Christopher's Church in Willingale. Bride and groom in the graveyard in Willingale. Bride and groom leave St Christopher's Church in Willingale near Chelmsford. People throw confetti at them. Bride and groom leave the church in Willingale near Chelmsford. They are in a 1923 Stanley steam car.Guests leaving the church in Willingham. The one called St Christopher's. The bride and the labrador. A burnt orange VW Camper van. A picture from above of everyone at the wedding Bride and groom are kissing. The bride is holding flowers by her side. Man taking a picture of a group at the wedding. The bride and groom. Bride and friends. Bride and bridesmaids in front of a camper van. A wedding cake. Thyme and rosemary plants on the tables. a few from under a tree of the house and wedding party mingling. Older couple wearing crowns while a woman takes a photo and laughs. Boy patting the black labrador. Baby sitting on grass. Black labrador walking on gravel, wedding guests chat inthe background Woman in a blue floral dress takes a selfie with the bride. Barman pours a beer. The couple enter the marquee for dinner. A cake on a plate on a table at a wedding breakfast. Wine glasses in the background. Groomsman wearing fake teeth showing you a fire pit. Daffodils in the garden. Woman in a wedding dress walks up the path with a man in a morning suit on their wedding day. The sun is low in the sky and there are daffodils in the garden. Then they have a picture taken with the cows in the barn. mother of the bride holding a pink bag under her arm is laughing. A dark black and white photograph of a couple on their wedding day kissing by a tree and daffodils. There is sunflare. Brother of the bride pouring champagne out for the toasts. The groom and bride's mother giving speeches. Men smoking cigars at wedding. People round a firepit. A guitar that belongs to Winston and the Lads the wedding band propped up.First dance in a marquee decorated with fairy lights.Black and white photographs of a wedding reception. The bride and groom are dancing together surrounded by friends. A busy dance floor at a wedding in Essex. Men with their arms in the air. People outside at night gathered around a firepit in the garden outside the marquee and house. A marquee decorated in fairy lights and purple lights for a wedding reception. People dancing and being served cheese. Winston and the Lads posing badly on purpose in golden jackets! Winston and the Lads playing a wedding reception. Will the drummer is looking at the camera. People are dancing. Bride and bridesmaids dancing in candid wedding reception photographs people dancing in a marquee decorated with fairy lights. Firepit at night with wedding guests gathered around

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