Close up of hands during wedding ceremony. The vicar takes the brides hand to give it to the groom. The church is St Peter's in Great Totham.

St Peter's Church, Great Totham

Jane & Matthew Get Married

Rossi ice creams were enjoyed out on the lawn, drinks were had and dogs were fussed… and eventually a dance floor was filled.

It was a lovely day in June, perfect for a wedding at home in a beautiful garden.

The ceremony was held at St Peter’s in Great Totham, there’s quite the view over the fields from the church. All the guests parked back at the house and were taken to and from the church in a trailer pulled by a tractor.

A yellow labrador laying in the sun outside a wedding marquee. Lemons are on the bar as decoration.
Reportage pictures showing the preparations for a wedding held at home in the garden. Bridesmaid having makeup done in the house, signs being fixed.
Woman leaning on a stairs bannister
Bride in the dining room with her mum. Flowers on the tables.
A green tractor with a sign saying "wedding this way".

People arriving at the family home before the wedding. They are hugging in the garden.
Mum helping daughter on with the wedding dress.
Bride in a bedroom with her lace dress on.
Man walking down the landing. Bridesmaids in the bedroom laughing and surprised.
At home before a wedding. There are half drunk glasses of Bollinger, a radio, and flowers on a dining room table.
Usher smiles at photographer holding orders of service.
People arriving at the wedding on a tractor trailer. Boys in morning suits run in the road.

The view of fields from St Peter's Church, Great Totham Bride approaching the church in Great Totham with the vicar and bridesmaids. Best man giving a side eye look to the camera while they wait for the bride in church. Scenes from St Peter's Church near Maldon. There are children smiling in the pews. Pictures inside St Peter's Church, Great Totham for wedding ceremony Children with handfuls of petals at wedding. Outside St Peter's Church in Great Totham people through petals at a couple who just got married. groom hugging some younger wedding guests Bride sat in a convertible dark Mercedes with the roof down. Two bridesmaids cross the road outside St Peter's Church in Great Totham. A blonde bridesmaid is laughing, they are wearing navy blue long dresses. Man driving a tractor pulling a trailor of wedding guests. A small boy is looking out of the trailor. Children eating Rossi ice cream at a wedding. the bride and groom stand together outside. mixture of candid wedding photographs pf people having drinks in the garden. People take photos with their phones, a young woman hugs a man. A woman is playing guitar and singing to a garden full of people enjoying drinks after a wedding. There are two dogs. A picture of the wedding marquee. The sky is blue. There are hay bales and a fire pit. Some wedding guests have berets on. They are sat at round tables. Child wrapped up in a blanket grinning at the camera, a girl is walking past hay bales. couple with their little boy outside at a wedding. Small boy sat on the floor of a marquee eating ice cream. Groom giving a speech at a wedding breakfast in a white marquee. People are sitting at tables. Bride and groom have their first dance with their friends and fmaily People dancing to a wedding band Band playing, woman on the dancefloor and a man in a morning suit drinking wine on the dancefloor. Inside a white marquee wedding guests are laughing and hugging. Woman laughing with her partner. black and white candid moments at a wedding reception Young man waving his hands on the dancefloor. People dancing in a marquee decorated with lights. A fire pit at night.