What a day! It started at midday with Aperol spritzes and a proper shave in Barberia del Centro and it ended in the early hours, on the beach watching an oncoming storm in the distance.

From the barber’s we went on to Lù’s home, his parents’ home, then Antonia’s brother kindly took me to see the bella bride and her family. It was wonderful getting a glimpse of authentic Italian life like this.
I know little Italian (enough to order a drink and be polite), but you know what, it didn’t matter one bit. I made the same connections that I always do at a wedding, made new friends, still understood and felt the emotions of the day. Which I need to do my job in the way that I do. Actions clearly speak louder than words and smiles go a very long way indeed.

At 5pm Luigi and Antonia married at the Chiesa Madre dei SS. Apostoli Pietro e Paolo in Agropoli on a very hot September day. The courtyard drinks after the service were much needed.
We took a trip in a deceptively fast Piaggio Ape to the port for pictures, passing wedding guests as we went. Then we had a brief stop at the bride and groom’s home to freshen up, then onto the party at the Lido Mediterraneo in Paestum.

Here I got to see Lù in action, for he just happens to be a fantastic wedding singer in the Maieutiké Acoustic Sound Band!

If you’ve ever fancied the idea of getting married in Italy then may I direct you to the lovely Julie at My Secret Italy. For Luigi’s wedding she had the day off, this wedding was all his doing, but she was there as a guest and was invaluable to me during my time out there.

Anyway I have talked quite enough for now, because as you can imagine, there are quite a few photos to show you below!
Antonia, Lù e il tuo cari.. grazie mille per il calorosa accoglienza!

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