Picture from behind as the newly married couple enter the Houchins grain store for dinner. The bride is waving her bouquet in the air.

The Wedding of Claire & James

with Live Music from Funk band Oomphf!

I am however now possibly going to be a bit of trouble for showing some of these pictures, sorry Mick! Especially for the last one, but you know that tie does absolutely suit you around your head.

This summer was a particularly rainy one so we were lucky to have a dry warm day. I was impressed, Houchins had style, everything in one place.

Claire and James chose a wonderful band called Oomphf. This is a seriously talented bunch, as you can see the party spilled out of the back door of the venue into the car park.
I won't elaborate anymore in case I get myself into any more trouble than I already am!

I had so much fun at this wedding at the Houchins wedding venue, but it was slightly odd as I have, on more than one occasion, been a little inebriated with the bride's family over the years.

Claire and her family used to be my neighbours, when Claire was still in school she'd serve me in the local cornershop and I'd hear her and her brother Iain practising playing their musical instruments from my garden. My now adult son was a toddler back then and would dance to Iain playing his drums.

Over the years we've hung out at quite a few festivals and gigs together and as much as I've seen their children grow up they've seen mine grow up too. I'm so glad I was the obvious choice I was because it was such a wonderful day,

Table named after KEGS and CHS schools in Chelmsford. They have made mock Ladybird book table placards.
groom looking in a mirror and adjusting his collar.
groom wearing just trousers puts on his shoes.
A view of the Chitting Shed reception barn and ceremony loggia from a bedroom window in the farm house at Houchins wedding venue in Essex. The sky is blue with wispy clouds.
Wedding guest in casual clothes sitting and lying in the wedding garden at Houchins before the wedding. Groomsmen putting on button holes.
Wedding details. Photographs of the couple's parents weddings and flowers in Wilkin & Sons jam jar.
Woman on the morning of her wedding in a waffle dressing gown is smiling and sitting on the bed with her bridesmaid. They are in a bedroom at Houchins venue.
Mother of the bride adjusting her son's button hole. Father of the bride having his hair sprayed.
bride and bridesmaid sitting on the bed. One bridesmaid is having her makeup done. There are croissants on a tray.
Black and white photograph of the bride with her wedding dress on showing her friends and mum.
Bride and her father hug before her wedding. They are in a bedroom at Houchins and the bride's mum is watching and is emotional too.
Bride, her dad and brother are all crying happy tears and wiping them with tissues. They are in a bedroom getting ready.
Bride in a white lace wedding dress and a cut out back stands with her hands on her hips in a bedroom in the Houchins farm house. Bridesmaids and family are getting ready in the room.
mother and father of the bride look out of a window
The bridesmaids in a dining room in the Houchins farm house. They are looking at the order of service. They are wearing navy coloured dresses. The father of the bride is smiling in the dining room. He is wearing a dark blue suit and pale blue tie.
Woman in a wedding dress smiles at her dad outside the farm house at Houchins.
A father walking his daughter down the aisle of the ceremony loggia at Houchins wedding venue. The bride is wearing a white lace dress with no sleeves.happy couple taking wedding vows in the loggia at Houchins venue. Family watching in the background wearing sunglasses. groom smiling at his new wife as they are stood in front of friends families taking vows Man giving a speech during a wedding ceremony.bride and groom kiss during wedding ceremony in the loggiaBridesmaid and woman singing opera and friends playing instruments at end of outside wedding ceremony at Houchins.bride and groom walking down aisle and surprised In the wedding ceremony loggia there is a music stand holding sheet music for the Flower Duet from Lakmé Confetti tunnel in the wedding garden bride laughing at being covered in confetti Candid style pictures of people in the wedding garden and Chitting Shed. Relaxed posed wedding portraits. The bride is dancing to the music. Groom on tiptoes to kiss his new wife in the gateway to Houchins wedding venue near Colchester. The bride is in a white dress and the groom is wearing a blue suit and brown shoes. Some relaxed posed wedding portraits of the couple stood in a field at Houchins. It's the great wedding bake-off. A table of wedding cakes made by family and friends. Bride posing with her brother. Picture from behind as the newly married couple enter the venue for dinner. The bride is waving her bouquet in the air. Bride and groom enter the room for dinner. people enjoying the wedding breakfast at round tables. A man is cutting the meat. They are dining in the Grain Store at Houchins venue in Essex. Reportage style black and white photography at the Grain Store at Houchins venue. A small girl is standing on a man's lap, bridesmaids play the triangle to announce the speeches. Man upstairs in the grain store at Houchins, leaning on the bar and looking out of the window. Pictures during speeches Toasting drinks and bride and groom kiss. Bearded man clapping in the grain store at Houchins during wedding speches. A girl is hugged by a woman. Bride laughing at her husband's speech. Her dad is pulling a face. A view from above of a groom giving his speech in the grain store at Houchins. The guests are sat at round tables. pictures from the wedding breakfast in the Houchins grain store. Bridesmaids are playing triangles. Little girl at a wedding sticking her tongue out at the camera Wedding guests young and old all watch the cake cutting behind the camera and laughing.
Bride and groom kissing on the dancefloor under a purple light. Black and white photograph of bride and groom dancing to Oomphf funk band. i Oomphf band with the drummer in the foreground under red light. They are playing at Houchins wedding venue in the Foundry. Women laughing at something on an iPhone. Bride in a white wedding dress changes her shoes and puts on flip flops for dancing. three people sitting on a bench in the wedding garden at Houchins. Woman laughing and looking up at a man while she changes her shoes at a wedding reception. Woman pretending to kick a man in a kilt whilst dancing to Kung Fu Fighting at a wedding Mother of the bride dressed in blue holding her shoes. People drinking coffee from a van. Bride dancing with her dad who is holding a pint. bride and groom kissing each other outside at the Chitting Shed at the Houchins venue. There is a light shining behind them. People are playing jenga. drunken wedding guests partying black and white candid documentary style photographs of people dancing at a wedding at the Houchins venue in Essex. Oomphf funk band playing in the Foundry at Houchins. The singer points at the bass player in blue and red lights. Man with a beard in a waistcoat kisses a woman in a red off the shoulder dress on the dance floor at Houchins in The Foundry. People dancing at a wedding reception at Houchins. Some guests are on the floor doing the Oops Upside Your Head dance moves. The bar at Houchins. Men and women sitting on a bench outside at night. Couples spilling out the back of the Houchins venue and dancing by the cars. One couple are kissing. Guests dancing out the back of the wedding venue. Groom dancing with his wife with a tie around his head. The bride running around the room tapping everyone's hand. Oomphf funk band playing at a wedding at Houchins in Essex. The lighting is blue, red and purple. The singer is wearing a hat. Man with ginger hair and beard holds his hands up while looking at the camera. Woman dancing in a white vest and pink skirt is singing. Black and white photographs of a busy dance floor at Houchins. The bride looks surprised. Father of the bride with a blue tie around his head drinking a pint on the dance floor at Houchins.

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