I had so much fun at this wedding at the Houchins wedding venue, but it was slightly odd as I have, on more than one occasion, been a little inebriated with the bride’s family over the years.
Claire and her family used to be my neighbours, when Claire was still in school she’d serve me in the local cornershop and I’d hear her and her brother Iain practising playing their musical instruments from my garden. My now adult son was a toddler back then and would dance to Iain playing his drums.
Over the years we’ve hung out at quite a few festivals and gigs together and as much as I’ve seen their children grow up they’ve seen mine grow up too. I’m so glad I was the obvious choice I was because it was such a wonderful day,
I am however now possibly going to be a bit of trouble for showing some of these pictures, sorry Mick! Especially for the last one, but you know that tie does absolutely suit you around your head.

This summer was a particularly rainy one so we were lucky to have a dry warm day. I was impressed, Houchins had style, everything in one place. Claire and James chose a wonderful band called Oomphf. This is a seriously talented bunch, as you can see the party spilled out of the back door of the venue into the car park.
I won’t elaborate anymore in case I get myself into anymore trouble than I already am! Adieu!
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