My eighth year shooting Brownstock, now known as BSTK! I have far too many pictures for just one post so here is part one. Friday and Saturday.

We start Friday with some Ms Dynamite then Tall Dark Friend, Mark Ronson and ending spectacularly with my friends Winston and The Lads. You’ll recognise them from many of my weddings, I love hearing they’ve been booked because they guarantee a floor full of happy faces for me to photograph.
Although they now come with a warning, they are now known as being the band that makes people party so hard the floor caves in.
The dancing genuinely broke the floor of the Saloon and people had to hold on to speakers and the keyboard so they didn’t fall over! It was brilliant fun!

Thankfully it was fixed in time for the next day’s line up! I caught Fond of Rudy, Hot Dreams and Faers in the Saloon on Saturday.
On the other stages I photographed Izzy Bizu, Wretch 32, Katy B, Grizzly Bears and Tinie Tempah (from a distance)!

And of course all of those people having a great time!

Part two can be found over here.

Ms Dynamite BSTK 2016 photography-02 BSTK 2016 photography-03 BSTK 2016 photography-04 Tall Dark Friend BSTK 2016 photography-06 BSTK 2016 photography-07 BSTK 2016 photography-08 BSTK 2016 photography-09 BSTK 2016 photography-10 BSTK 2016 photography-11 BSTK Winston and The Lads BSTK 2016 photography-13 BSTK 2016 photography-14 Winston and The Lads BSTK 2016 photography-16 BSTK 2016 photography-17 Winston and The Lads BSTK Winston and The Lads BSTK 2016 photography-20 BSTK 2016 photography-21 Fond of Rudy BSTK Hot Dreams BSTK 2016 photography-24 Izzy Bizu BSTK 2016 photography-26 BSTK 2016 photography-27 Wretch 32 BSTK 2016 photography-29 Faers BSTK 2016 photography-31 Katy B BSTK 2016 photography-33  BSTK 2016 Katy B BSTK 2016 photography-36 BSTK 2016 photography-37 BSTK 2016 photography-38 BSTK 2016 photography-39 BSTK 2016 photography-40 BSTK 2016 photography-41 Grizzly Bears BSTK 2016 photography-43 BSTK 2016 photography-44 BSTK 2016 photography-45 BSTK 2016 photography-46 Tinie Tempah BSTK 2016 photography-48 BSTK 2016 photography-49 BSTK 2016 photography-50 Silent Disco BSTK 2016 photography-52