Bride smiling at groom during wedding ceremony at St Peter & St Paul's Church in Alpheton

An Alpheton Hall Barn Wedding

Heidi & Rob Get Married

with Groom-Brewed Beer!

I spend a fair amount of my life on motorways, so I do find it interesting how much his family were involved in building them.

Like most weddings I've photographed at Alpheton Hall Barns the couple and guests travelled from all over to be there. I rather love the atmosphere of a wedding where nobody lives nearby, they are not only in a wedding mood, but also on a little holiday. They make the place their own just for one day.

I'm sure you can see in the photographs how relaxed and happy they all are and how they were able to stamp their individuality on the venue.

I'm certain the day was exactly what Heidi and Rob hope for, the joy is all over their faces... or maybe Rob's beer was really just that good!

My first homebrew wedding! Heidi and Rob were showered with hops from above during their first dance, the tables were named after varieties of hops, and most impressive of all is that Rob brewed all of the beer drunk at this wedding himself! These beers had names like Hop Hat & Tails and The Brewed & Groom so it turns out Rob can also conjure up a pun or two. He even wore cufflinks with the beer brand logo, you can read more about his brewing experiences over on Rob's Marchingtons twitter.

The day started with Heidi getting ready at the Mill Hotel in Sudbury with her family and friends, whilst outside some cows were having a dip in the River Stour.

The car that took Heidi to Alpheton has quite the backstory, a 1931 Bentley (registered on Christmas Eve) that originally belonged to a member of the McAlpine family, which is quite a rabbit hole to go down.

A cow in the River Stour seen from the balcony in the Mill Hotel in Sudbury.
Candid getting ready photographs Bride spraying perfume. Bride laughing in the bedroom at Mill Hotel. Mother of the bride putting on her hat. A Bridesmaid is reflected in the mirror. groom in sunglasses Guests laughing and waiting for wedding to start Bride arriving at Alpheton Hall Barns surrounded by trees in a 1931 green Bentley. Wedding ceremony at St Peter & St Paul's Church Man playing guitar in the church in Alpheton. Bride and groom walking down the aisle after getting married in St Peter & St Paul's Church in Alpheton A group photograph of all the wedding guests on the Wildflower ‘Confetti’ Arboretum Bride and groom walking through bubbles the guests are blowing. Bride and groom walking through bubbles Marchington's cufflinks and a pint of beer. Bride and groom kissing for a wedding portrait in an archway of greenery. the bride and groom standing in the woods.
Bottle of Marchington's beer at a wedding that the groom brewed. People outside in the sunshine laughing and drinking. candid photographs of guests enjoying drinks in the wedding garden after the ceremony. The Marchington's beer the groom brewed himself at Alpheton Hall Barns. People playing jenga. A baby wearing a shirt with foxes on and a hat stares at the camera. Guests in the stackyard wedding garden at Alpheton Hall Barns. The sky is blue with a few clouds. Guests are playing jenga and mingling, a small girl is taking photos. Small girl in a white dress with red hair takes a picture of the photographer. Wedding photojournalism style pictures in black and white of wedding guests enjoying drinks before dinner at Alpheton Hall Barns. A woman is sat in a chair and laughing at a couple she is talking to. Groom in sunglasses holding a beer outside Couple being announced. Bride and groom walking through tables St Peter & St Paul's Church, Alpheton, in black and white. A girl and boy play with a space hopper. Children blowing bubbles Black and white photograph of a candid moment between children. A baby looks up at a girl. Speeches in front of the beer barrels the groom brewed. Children outside playing with a spacehopper. Woman holding two drinks wearing a man's jacket. The sun is setting. Couple having their first dance at Alpheton Hall Barns. Hops falling from the ceiling, people dancing at a wedding. Two couples on a dancefloor with a pregnant person. Fairly lights and paper lanterns decorate the barn in Alpheton at a wedding reception. The newly married couple dance in the foreground. Bride and groom kissing on the dance floor surrounded by guests in Alpheton Hall Barns. Black and white reportage style photos from a wedding reception. A selection of photos from a wedding reception in Suffolk. A man pours beer from a barrell, a woman raises a glass. The singer of Contraband performing at Alpheton Hall Barns wedding reception. Woman with dark hair and a lila floral dress is holding a glass of red wine and smiling at a wedding reception. Small girl in a white dress on the shoulders of a man, a young boy wearing ear defenders, on the dancefloor at Alpheton. Man dancing and the singer from Contraband singing with lyrics on a music stand. A girl plays with the back of the brides dress outside in the twilight. People dancing at a wedding reception. bride and groom kissing outside in the courtyard at Alpheton Hall Barns. Staff making pizzas outside and the bride is hugging a child at Alpheton Hall Barns. Woman sitting at the table with glow in the dark fun glasses on in the Alpheton Hall Barns venue.

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