groom waiting for new wife on doorstep at Cobham wedding

James & Sarah's Wedding

On the day I took a few getting ready pictures at the home, I popped over to the local pub to find James, the groomsmen, and the guests and then back for the all important ceremony. A place that has so many memories, the beautifully kept garden of Sarah's parents' home.
Then onto The Cobham Curve for food and dancing.

Of course I cannot forget the speeches, in particular how the MC David made the guests all stand up and do ridiculous things and the best man doing what I think were squats, I'm not quite sure, it's best not to question.

The Anthemics were there to accompany drinks with an acoustic set and later on with the full band to get everyone on the dancefloor, which they did with excellent covers of songs like The Stereophonics' Dakota and The Strokes' Last Nite.

What a pleasure it was to photograph Sarah and James' wedding in the garden of Sarah's family home in Cobham. I already knew Sarah because apart from photographing weddings I have also, for the past 5 years or so, been commissioned for photography work by the WCRF and Sarah is the editor of their 'Healthy You' magazine. James is a personal trainer, owner of Positive Impact Fitness based in Beaconsfield.

In my 9 years of weddings I had the healthiest wedding breakfast I've ever come across, and it was utterly delicious. Who could not love eight-hour slow roasted lamb or aubergine schnitzel with superfood salad!

I found out on the day that Sarah's Dad David used to be a wedding photographer... so no pressure there! One of my favourite pictures of the day was where we took pictures of each other at the same time.
Once a wedding photographer, always a wedding photographer. I cannot imagine what it'll be like for me if and when my sons get married!

Bride is holding a parasol and she has rollers in her hair as she sits in the kitchen.
Photographs of family on a sideboard.
Man on the morning of his wedding in a pub beer garden. He's wearing sunglasses, blue suit, and orange tie.
Bride reflected in a mirror. Her dad stands in a doorway and smiles.

Mother of the bride having makeup done. A picture of the living room at home while bride has her makeup done, her dress is hanging from the picture rail on the wall.

A to do list on a wedding morning.
Father of the bride is wearing a hat and taking a picture of me, the photographer.
Woman in her wedding dress standing in the living room of the family home.
Bride being helped to hold her dress as she climbs the stairs.
Bride holding her dress up and walking down the stairs at home.
Father walks bride down the aisle.
A celebrant officiates an informal wedding ceremony in a garden.
Bride laughing and her father looks at the camera.
Informal wedding vows taken in a marquee in a back garden.

Woman at wedding blowing bubbles.
Wedding ceremony in a marquee in the family home garden.
Bride kissing father on cheek
Guests having drinks in a garden to celebrate a wedding ceremony.
Candid snap of wedding guests in a garden in the summer, photograph is taken from above. You can see white parasols and wedding hats.
Bride with her bridesmaids. Her flowers are red, white and orange. The bridesmaids are wearing dark blue.
Groomsmen together holding hip flasks. All wearing blue suits. orange ties, and sunglasses.
Bride and groom portraits in a garden.Portraits of bride and groom in a garden. Groom is wearing a blue suit with orange tie and his hands are in his pockets. Bride is wearing a white dress with thin straps and a veil. Woman in white wedding dress walking with her husband into the house. There is a marquee in the garden. Man checks his phone whilst holding his wife's bouquet and standing on a doorstep. She can be seen inside the house. Couple on their wedding day arrive at The Cobham Curve for their reception. People blow bubbles at them. The sun is out and the sky is blue with a few clouds. The Anthemics doing an acoustic set at a wedding in Cobham. People mingling at a wedding outside The Cobham Curve. Wedding details. Little rugby balls/ Wedding breakfast menu. Main is eight-hour slow roasted lamb shoulder or aubergine schnitzel. Dessert is cherry and almond tart. Two microphones sit on the table. The Anthemics doing an acoustic set as people make their way down the receiving line. Groom looking at the camera whilst the bride is holding her dress up. They are walking up the stairs in The Cobham Curve. They both have sunglasses tucked in their outfits. Groom is wearing an orange tie. Bridesmaid stood holding on to the back of a chair. Newly married couple making their way in between tables and wedding guests for dinner at The Cobham Curve. Bride smiling as she walks through her guests to get to the top table. People putting hands on their heads at a wedding breakfast after being told to. Picture of man with microphone at a wedding. The top table is behind them. Man drinking a bottle of Corona Extra. Father of the bride and the groom delivering their wedding speeches. The newly married couple kiss. Documentary style photographs of people at a wedding breakfast. Bride's shoe under the dress. A best man showing everyone the wedding spreadsheet the groom made, during the speeches. The top table laughing during the wedding speeches. Woman at her wedding holding her face and smiling. Bride and groom standing together at look at the tables of wedding guests. The sun is going down over The Cobham Curve.Group of people downing shots around a table. Little baby looking over his mum's shoulder at the camera. First dance at The Cobham Curve. Groom twirling his new wife around during the first dance. Reportage style wedding photographs of the dancing at a reception. Woman in wedding dress dancing and putting her hand in the air doing the sign of the horns, rock fingers. Outside on a balcony at the Cobham Curve. A woman is wearing a bright pink dress and has taken her shoes off. Bride and groom dancing to The Anthemics band in the Cobham Curve. A woman in a sparkly peach dress is dancing at a wedding. Candid moments from a wedding reception. The bride is dancing with her mum. The Anthemics band performing at a wedding in Surrey. People dancing at a reception. Black and white photograph of bride and groom on the dance floor at The Cobham Curve Singer from The Anthemics and people dancing at wedding reception in Cobham. The Cobham Curve at dusk in the summer.