The bride is kissing her new husband on his cheek. She is wearing Saja dress, holding colourful flowers. He is wearing pale blue Zara suit.

Holly & Paul's Wedding Day

Duncton Village Hall, Petworth, West Sussex

Such a musical wedding too with performances from Nathan of The Boxer Rebellion and the groom himself! Paul and Magistrates performed Tonight We Fly by The Divine Comedy, how perfect.
For all the details of this wedding head over to the English Wedding blog!

This was rather a special wedding for me as Holly and Paul are good friends of mine. Paul is in the first band I ever photographed and I’ve shot them many times since!
Despite being miles away in Sussex (as you can see signposted) many guests came from my hometown and the eagle eyed among you may also spot The Boxer Rebellion from my music photographs. Was lovely to see so many friendly faces.

Women and girls in a bedroom before a wedding.
A boy reads on a sofa. The bride looks in a mirror,
Moments of the bride getting ready with family and friends.
Bridesmaids in a doorway.
The bride is with her dad and she is laughing. She is carrying bright colourful flowers and has a flower crown on her head made by Jay Archer..
Man in blue suit and sunglasses walks in a car park. A tent and fields and trees behind him. And two children.
Children wait standing on raised bed. Trees and fields behind them.
The groom in his pale blue suit and sunglasses just before his wedding. There is heart bunting on the fence.
Children are playing and guests are waiting for a wedding.
The bride hugs a girl. The groom comes down some steps in bright sunshine, in a pale blue suit.
Nathan of The Boxer Rebellion plays a song at a friend's wedding ceremony.
The groom hugs his friend.
A small boy gives a speech at a wedding ceremony outside.
The bride is emotional during the speeches. Her groom is looking at her, he still has his sunglasses on.

The bride and groom exchange rings and hug.
Confetti and hugs after the wedding ceremony in Sussex.
A few of the guests outside after a ceremony.
Men at a wedding pose ina group photo in a cheesy way. As if they were a football team.
The bride and groom a cuddled up to each other.
Bride is standing in her Saja wedding dress, holding colourful flowers, with a flower crown on her head. The groom is posing with his arms gesturing. He is wearing a pale blue Zara suit.
Some wedding portraits in black and white outside, in the grounds of a village hall.
The bride and groom are close together.
A sign post to places and a table planner board that is Beatles albums themed.
Candid moments from the wedding reception at a village hall in Sussex. The groom gives his speech.
Father of the bride gives a speech, strings of colourful hearts hang from the ceiling.
The groom and his friends are performing at the wedding. They are playing Tonight We Fly by The Divine Comedy.
The groom and his friends are performing at the wedding. They are singing Tonight We Fly by The Divine Comedy.
The groom sat at the top table.
A man is filming the speeches with a Canon 5D.
Man is holding a baby
Wedding guests are playing frisbee.
Bride looking at the camera in golden light.
The light is golden because the sun is setting. The bride is wearing a dress from Saja in New York, groom is in a pale blue Zara suit. They are hugging, kissing and laughing in these relaxed wedding portraits.
Black and white portrait of the groom. Wearing a Zara suit but no tie.
Groom in a pale blue Zara suit playing football in a field. The sun is setting and the bride is in the foreground.Girl in pink dress is toasting marshmallows on a fire.First dance at a wedding reception in a Sussex village hall.
A boy in a hat, scarf and jacket walks past illuminated letters. A girl tries on a floral hat.
A man does a handstand on the dance floor at a wedding. There are strings of hearts hanging from the ceiling.
A man toasting a marshmallow on a firepit.
People sat around a fire pit.
Groom on the dance floor.
A woman holding a girl has her arm in the air at a wedding reception in front of illuminated letters.
Strings of hearts hang from a ceiling. Silhouettes of wedding guests.
Some kind of dancing conga line that is all squished up. At a wedding in Sussex.
Candid photos of dancing at the wedding reception. A boy dances with the groom.
Family and friends at a wedding gather around a fire pit at night.
People at a wedding reception doing the conga.
Cleaning up the village hall the day after a wedding.
Man hugging a friend.
A couple who were guests at the wedding the day before are sitting and laying on the grass.
The day after the wedding the newly married couple hug.

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