bride and groom close together on the dancefloor as a confetti cannon goes off around them. The confetti is gold.

A Shropshire Wedding

Sarah & Duncan

A few weeks ago I found myself on a farm in Shropshire surrounded by many familiar faces, including Sarah and Duncan! They have been guests at many of my past weddings back home and had fairly recently moved, Essex came to visit them on their wedding day!

Sadly we did not manage to bring the sunshine with us but the rain did not stop play and everything looked beautiful.
There were some lovely touches like how a guest at each table was designated, with a hat, the job of carver or sommelier and the fires lit in the garden warmed us all up after a damp day.

Monstaball  rocked up in the evening and did an amazing job of performing all the favourites but with added edge, the dance floor was heaving the entire night, perfect for this crowd who always know how to party!

It was such an amazing day, was really lovely to catch up with so many of my past (and future) couples, their families and to see Sarah and Duncan marry after seeing them together at the weddings of their friends over the years.

bride with mum, sister, and friends in the morning of the wedding drinking fizz and getting ready
bridesmaids in blue dresses laughing.
groom propping up the bar, holding a pint, before his wedding

bride at the table with family as she puts on her make up
photographed through a doorway, a bride and her family and friends put on makeup for wedding
Woman smiling at her friend. She is sat at her table, there is a mirror, lipstick, glasses of fizz and hairspray. The table is next to the window.
bride putting on her wedding dress in front of a wardrobe mirror
Mother of the bride is laughing while she does up the wedding dress. Bridesmaid is holding the veil.
mother of the bride is fixing the father's button hole outside their front door, the bride is watching from the doorway. She is wearing a lace wedding dress and veil.
the groom is smiling at the camera while he stands in church waiting
The vicar and bridesmaids waiting outside Annscroft church
bride in the entrance of Annscroft church wiping a tear from her eye, holding hands with the vicar and praying before the wedding. Her father is stood next to her.
Bride and father walking in the aisle of Annscroft church
picture from behind of bride and groom in wedding ceremony at Annscroft church in Shropshire
A guard of honour with pitchforks for the bride and groom as the leave Annscroft church
newly married couple kissing in the rain after the wedding ceremony in Annscroft church. The groom is holding a rainbow coloured umbrella.
wedding guests under colourful umbrellas waiting outside the church for the confetti
guests throwing confetti at bride and groom who are under a rainbow coloured umbrella
Bride and groom leave the Annscroft church and then sit overlooking the Shropshire countryside in a 1956 green Land Rover. They sit under a rainbow coloured umbrella.
black and white portrait of bride and groom under an umbrella in a Land Rover overlooking the Shropshire countryside.
bride and groom arriving home at the farm for the reception. Groom picks up his new wife.
Bride and groom enter the marquee to greet their family and friends
wedding guests standing in the middle of a marquee mingling, the tables are empty
groups pictures in the garden
bride and groom portraits at home in the garden, they are smiling and hugging
vicar smiling at wedding guests
couple by fire pit
Guests at wedding breakfast. Men wearing a beret to serve wine, chef hats to cut the meat
laughing during speeches
children playing inflatable instruments
first dance
bride and groom celebrating in a confetti cannon
black and white photographs of dancing at a wedding
bride and groom under a confetti cannon on the dancefloor
bride and groom under a confetti cannon on the dancefloor
people dancing at a wedding in a marquee
Monstaball playing at a wedding
dancing at a wedding in a marquee
AL of Monstaball pointing at photographer at wedding
colourful picture and silhouette of wedding reception
man hugging woman at wedding in black and white photograph
dancing at wedding in a marquee
wedding guest playing air guitar with a broom with Monstaball
girl warming hands on firepit at wedding
outside pictures at wedding on a farm with a firepit
packed dance floor at wedding
drunk wedding guests pointing at the guitar of Monstaball band
Monstaball band playing a wedding and bride and groom shouting
wedding guests dancing in a marquee with coloured lights
black and white photographs of people at a wedding on the dance floor.
guests around the firepit
bride dancing surrounded by wedding guests with her arm in the air

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