Bride and groom are holding hands as they leave their ceremony in the council chamber at Stoke Newington Town Hall. The carpet is purple, the curtains are mustard coloured, the walls are panelled in walnut. People are clapping and a man is filming it.

Dave & Lucy

The Peasant in Clerkenwell

After the beautiful ceremony we all went on a big red bus to the reception at The Peasant in Clerkenwell, a venue known for it's wonderful food and atmosphere. All their choices suited their personalities and their guests to a T.  So many interesting conversations were had, tears of joy were shed, shapes were thrown and many drinks were downed.

One particular detail made many a guest (and well perhaps myself too) well up at the wedding breakfast... the children in Lucy's class wrote out the place names and inside the cards the 8 and 9 year olds wrote what they believed love is.

Well if I had a fantastic day at Lucy (Goose) and Dave's London wedding and I was working you can imagine what a great time they and their guests had!

I was particularly pleased as they fulfilled a personal wedding wish I've always had, to hear some Nick Cave at a wedding. In my opinion his lyrics are some of the most romantic out there (in fact he has given a lecture on The Secret Life of The Love Song) so when Lucy walked down the aisle at the Stoke Newington Town Hall to Into My Arms I was made up.

My musical delight didn't end there, the half hour of Northern Soul at the reception really got me going, it's lucky I can take photographs and dance at the same time!

A round the table in a kitchen three women apply makeup.
A lace wedding dress hangs from a book shelf, there are gold shoes placed underneath.
A man with a moustache sits on the steps reading his father of the bride speech.
Man stands in his living room in a white dressing gown. He is wearing sunglasses.
A man does up his tie in a living room, he is reflected in a mirror. BBC 6 Music is playing on the tv radio.
A man leans against a wall holding a glass of champagne.
At home the groom drinks fizz with his friends.
Man on way to wedding in a taxi.
A man on his wedding day drinks a pint outside The Rose & Crown in Stoke Newington. A woman in a long blue dress walks out of the pub. Men cross the road.
Groom is in a pub. Man is in the road taking a photograph.
People waiting at Stoke Newington Town Hall for a ceremony to start.
People climbing the stairs to a wedding.
Out in the foyer of the Stoke Newington Town Hall two people sit in chairs. Sunlight is streaming through windows.
The groom and guests stand in the council chamber at Stoke Newington Town Hall. He is waiting for the bride.
Candid moments from a London wedding ceremony.
Bride looks at her husband-to-be during the ceremony.
The bride opens her arms wide, then hugs her new husband. They are getting married in the council chamber at Stoke Newington Town Hall, the carpet is purple, the curtains are mustard, the walls are walnut panelled. The wedding guests are sitting in chairs and clapping.
The man and woman sit in chairs during the wedding ceremony at Stoke Newington Town Hall.
Bride and groom are holding hands as they leave their ceremony at Stoke Newington Town Hall. The carpet is purple, the curtains are mustard coloured. People are clapping and a man is filming it.
A flower girl. People thrown confetti at the bride and groom.
Bride and groom leave the Stoke Newington Town Hall.
An elderly man touches the bride's face. There is a bus, trees and buildings in the background. Lots of people are mingling.
Bridesmaids outside Stoke Newington Town Hall. The groom kisses the bride by a tree.
People on a double decker bus on their way to a wedding reception.
Bride and groom kiss on the top of a double decker bus. The ceiling is yellow.People having drinks in The Peasant in Clerkenwell. Two men outside The Peasant in Clerkenwell. A man and a woman swap shoes at a wedding. The wedding party all in front of The Peasant in Clerkenwell. A woman in a wedding dress is laughing with her hands in her pockets. Surrounded by the men at the wedding. A couple walk down Agdon street, past some trees, on their wedding day. On Agdon Street a bride and groom pose for a photo. They both have hands in their pockets. There is a bench and plants behind them. Looking down at The Peasant in Clerkenwell. The bride has her hands on her hips and is looking in a mirror. The groom and a friend stand in the middle of the pub. Place cards written by the students the bride teaches. They are about love. A baby in a high chair is in front of a table full of people having dinner at a wedding. Father of the bride giving a speech. A woman in a pink jacket is laughing sat at the table. Shots at the bar. Father of the bride gives a thumbs up after his speech, the wedding guests raise their glasses. The Peasant in Clerkenwell during the wedding speeches. The bride covers her face while laughing, her husband is giving a speech. The bride looks emotional during a speech. Candid moments of the speeches. The top table are all laughing. A woman kisses a man on the cheek. Upstairs at The Peasant the wedding guests chat and mingle. The bride is laughing. She is wearing a lace boatneck mid length dress. Dj is setting up his gear. Bride is laughing while she dances with her new husband in the pub. People are watching. At a wedding reception in The Peasant in Clerkenwell, people are dancing with each other. Bunting is on the ceiling. Bride and groom dancing with each other. A man and a woman are dancing and singing, there is bunting hanging from the ceiling of The Peasant in Clerkenwell. A couple are hugging in The Peasant in Clerkenwell. A woman sat outside the pub on the phone. 3 people sit around a table in a pub in Clerkenwell for a wedding reception. Through the window you can see more people at tables. Bride in her mid length lace dress, is talking to a friend, at night outside The Peasant in Clerkenwell in the street. They are eating sandwiches. DJ looks at the camera, people are dancing in The Peasant in Clerkenwell. Bride and her friend are looking at the guestbook. A view of the bride under green lights through bannisters from upstairs in The Peasant in Clerkenwell A woman in a dress and leather jacket is laughing in a pub at a reception.