After a year off LeeFest returned better than ever!

All musical tastes and dressing up preferences were catered too. It was the perfect escape from adult life, the wrist band even encouraged you to never grow old.

The band Joy Rides were a particular highlight with some kind of performance art punk set that was utterly mesmerising. After distributing kazoos to the audience they made their way outside to continue the set and they the singer had a little lie down.

I also thoroughly enjoyed being reminded of how much I love We Are Scientists, they kicked off the set with Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt and they kept everyone dancing and laughing until the end. Nimmo were another band perfectly suited to the festival crowd, so much enthusiasm, you could see the crowd dancing light up Sarah Nimmo’s face as she sang and jumped about (and off) the stage.

The final two acts of the weekend for me were a delicious juxtaposition, the endearingly talented Lianne La Havas sang beautifully over a crowd lit up with lanterns (the attention to detail at Leefest was noted).. I then ran off to Hooks Rock to a tiny pit in a dark room to watch Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes make me work very hard to get my pictures! I do love shooting punk, so unpredictable and energetic.

I cannot wait for next year!

My friend Vas accompanied me this time and you can read her review over at Festivals For All.

Bands featured below – Peluche, Everything Everything, Ghostpoet, Stealing Signs (was lovely to see familiar faces from home), Wolf Note, Formation, Little Simz, Otherkin, Roots Manuva, Circa Waves, Spring King, Joy Rides, Hannah Lou Clark, Nimmo, She Drew the Gun, Hannah Trigwell, We Are Scientists, Lianne La Havas and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

Peluche Leefest-02 Everything Everything Everything Everything Ghostpoet Ghostpoet Leefest-07 Leefest-08 Stealing Signs Leefest-10 Stealing Signs Leefest-12 Leefest-13 Leefest-14 Wolf Note Leefest-16 Formation Leefest-18 Leefest-19 Little Simz Leefest-21 Leefest-22 Leefest-23 Leefest-24 Leefest-25 Otherkin Leefest-27 Otherkin Leefest-29 Roots Manuva Leefest-31 Leefest-32 Leefest-33 Leefest-34 Leefest-35 Circa Waves Circa Waves Leefest-38 Spring King Spring King Spring King Leefest-42 Leefest-43 Leefest-44 Leefest Burlesque Leefest-46 Leefest-47 Leefest-48 Leefest-49 Joy Rides Joy Rides Joy Rides Joy Rides Joy Rides Hannah Lou Clark Leefest-56 Leefest-57 Leefest-58 Leefest-59 Leefest-60 Leefest-61 Nimmo Cakey McCakeface Wilma She Drew the Gun Hannah Trigwell Leefest-66 Leefest-67 Leefest-68 Leefest-69 Leefest-70 Leefest-71 Leefest-72 Leefest-73 We Are Scientists We Are Scientists We Are Scientists We Are Scientists Leefest-78 Leefest-79 Leefest-80 Leefest-81 Leefest-82 Lianne La Havas Lianne La Havas Leefest-85 Leefest Neverland Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes