I somewhat ambitiously managed to squeeze in a couple of days at Leefest before heading off to shoot a wedding on the Saturday. An exhausting few days but worth it because Leefest is one of my favourite festivals. It’s laid back, inclusive and I always leave having discovered new bands.
You can find my full review over at Festivals for All.

Below you can find pictures of Hak Baker, Childhood, Kate Tempest, Yowl, Snapped Ankles, Youth Club, Graceland, Tom Grennan, Childcare, Parcels, Valeras, Crazy P, and Wild Beasts (who announced just today they will be no more).

Hak Baker leefest 2017-7 leefest 2017-10 leefest 2017-5 Childhood Leefest Childhood Leefest leefest 2017-20 leefest 2017-24 Kate Tempest Kate Tempest 2017 leefest Kate tempest Kate Tempest 2017 leefest 2017-37 leefest 2017-38 leefest 2017-40 leefest 2017-42 leefest 2017-44 leefest 2017-46 leefest 2017-49 Yowl Leefest Snapped Ankles leefest 2017-61 leefest 2017-62 leefest 2017-64 leefest 2017-65 Leefest Youth Club Youth Club Leefest Youth Club Youth Club leefest 2017-74 Graceland Leefest Graceland leefest 2017-80 Tom Grennan 2017 Tom Grennan Leefest Tom Grennan 2017 leefest 2017-86 Tom Grennan leefest 2017-90 leefest 2017-92 leefest 2017-93 Childcare Childcare leefest leefest 2017-100 leefest 2017-103  Parcels Parcels leefest Parcels Parcels leefest 2017-115 leefest 2017-119 leefest 2017-125 leefest 2017-127 Valeras Valeras Valeras leefest 2017-134 leefest 2017-135 leefest 2017-139 Crazy P Crazy P leefest 2017-144 Crazy P leefest 2017-147 leefest 2017-150 leefest 2017-149 leefest 2017-152 leefest 2017-1-2 leefest 2017-153 leefest 2017-157 leefest 2017-160 leefest 2017-161 Wild Beasts Wild Beasts Wild Beasts Wild Beasts Wild Beasts leefest 2017-175 leefest 2017-174 leefest 2017-177 leefest 2017-180