Here is the last day of BSTK for you.
We have Lady Leshurr, the now traditional paint fight (doesn’t matter how hard I try I always get caught a bit with the paint),  Mullally, Fuse ODG, Créme de Chevre,
Scouting for Girls, Loose Joints, Mandeville, Kelis, and finishing up with some country from The Southern Generals.

A personal highlight for me had to be Mandeville, I’d heard about them but somehow had never seen them live before. A photographer’s treat! A band that gets everyone going, jumps into the crowd and kicks it all off! I can’t wait to see them play again.

BSTK 2016 photography-53 BSTK 2016 photography-54 BSTK 2016 photography-55 BSTK 2016 photography-56 lady leshurr BSTK 2016 photography-58 BSTK paint fight BSTK paint fight BSTK 2016 photography-61 BSTK 2016 photography-62 BSTK 2016 photography-63 Mullally BSTK 2016 photography-65 BSTK 2016 photography-66 Fuse ODG BSTK 2016 photography-68 BSTK 2016 photography-69 BSTK 2016 photography-70 BSTK 2016 photography-71 Créme de Chevre Scouting for Girls BSTK 2016 photography-74 BSTK 2016 photography-75 BSTK sign BSTK dancing Loose Joints BSTK 2016 photography-79 BSTK 2016 photography-80 Mandeville Mandeville Mandeville BSTK 2016 photography-84 BSTK 2016 photography-85 BSTK 2016 photography-86 BSTK 2016 photography-87 Mandeville BSTK chair Mandeville BSTK 2016 photography-90 Kelis BSTK 2016 photography-92 BSTK 2016 photography-93 Kelis at BSTK BSTK Kelis BSTK 2016 photography-96 BSTK 2016 photography-97 BSTK 2016 photography-98 BSTK twilight BSTK 2016 photography-100 BSTK 2016 photography-101 BSTK 2016 photography-102 The Southern Generals BSTK 2016 photography-104 The Southern Generals