bride smiling at vicar at St Peter & St Paul's Church, Alpheton

Ashleigh & Duncan Get Married

It’s perfectly placed right next door to the barns, like a little wedding retreat in the middle of nowhere!

The gin selection went down particularly well and I’m sure it contributed to the full dance floor later on that night!

Ashleigh and Duncan left London behind for a wedding in the countryside of Suffolk at one of my favourite venues Alpheton Hall Barns.

The day started off at the nearby Hall Barn where Ashleigh and her family were staying, a lovely little calming place to get ready for the ceremony at the St Peter’s and St Paul’s Church in Alpheton.

family and friends getting ready with the bride in the Hall Barn on the Kentwell Estate

Groomsmen in the pub doing their ties.
Dresses hanging up on a door. Sparkly shoes from Dune on the floor.
A little flower girl looks at the camera while her mum ties up a ribbon at the back of her dress.
A bridesmaid helps a pregnant bridesmaid with her shoes. They are wearing very pale pink long dresses.
bride walking down the stairs in her wedding dress. A bridesmaid helps.
Children and other people arriving at wedding
woman laughing in church
The groom wearing a blue suit and white rose buttonhole, is standing in St.Peter and St. Paul's Church in Alpheton waiting for bride.
Woman with blonde hair in a white wedding dress arrives at Alpheton Hall Barns with her dad. They arrive in a blue 1961 Jaguar.
The view of the back of the groom's head as he watches the bride and her dad walk up the aisle in St.Peter and St. Paul's Church in Suffolk.
Inside the St.Peter and St. Paul's Church in Alpheton during a wedding. The family and friends are singing hymns.
Wedding ceremony in a church in Suffolk.
Wedding ceremony at St.Peter and St. Paul's Church in Alpheton. The bride is smiling at the vicar. The bride and groom kiss.
Couple walking down the aisle after getting married at St.Peter and St. Paul's Church
Bride and groom leaving the church in Alpheton and greeting their friends and family in the graveyard. Smiling and laughter.
Bridesmaid holding her young daughter and a bouquet
Couple walking through confetti at Alpheton Hall BarnsWedding guests throwing confetti. Bride and groom kiss in front of an orange wall and plants. Guests laughing and celebrating in the grounds outside. band is playing, keyboard and saxophone. Wedding details on tables at Alpheton Hall Barns. Table number ten has a vase of white flowers on it. There are bottles of gin. Drinks at Alpheton Hall barns after wedding in the church next door. Black and white candid photographs of drinks after a wedding ceremony in Alpheton. Boy is kying on the grass with his head in his hands. Guests making their way indoors. The receiving line. Bride and groom stood in the barn doors at Alpheton Hall Barns. The bride is drinking a glass of prosecco. People sat at tables and watching speeches. Wedding speeches in a Suffolk barn in Alpheton. There are fairy lights . Small boy sat on floor putting shoes on. People watching speeches and laughing. Bride and groom kissing by tables full of empty glasses after wedding breakfast. First dance at Alpheton Hall Barns wedding venue, confetti falls from above on the bride and groom. black and white photography of newly married dancing and kissing at Alpheton Hall Barns. A busy dance floor at this Suffolk wedding venue in Alpheton. Laughing and dancing. Fairy lights and lanterns on the ceiling of this barn. The brick pizza oven at Alpheton Hall Barns is fired up, children are eating pizza. A boy is holding a glass of coca cola. People are dancing and hugging at a wedding reception at night. Alpheton Hall barns is decorated with fairy lights and lanterns. Coloured lighting. Nicholas of Alpheton Hall Barns is tossing pizza dough in the air. Brid People dancing at Alpheton Hall Barns hosted wedding reception. Bride and groom are kissing. Girl asleep on a sofa in the quiet room at Alpheton Hall Barns

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