About Me


Well I’m a bit of a geek, I studied Astrophysics at UKC, and I still utterly love spending some time pondering the very existence of the universe. In my opinion pondering how everything came to be and how it works, makes everything so much more beautiful. On a bad day I can guarantee listening to Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot will cheer me up!

As for the rest of my time… you’ll find me raising three wonderful sons, on a netflix binge or at the gym.


I started out as a music photographer, not just for the band on stage but also for the faces in the crowd. Music and weddings I find are where people let go, they show themselves. This is why, although seemingly unrelated, I love to shoot both.
My music experience doesn’t end there. In the quieter wedding months you can find me on Phoenix FM with my show Sonder. It is rather fun as I have the freedom to play a really diverse selection of music and have a few accidental Partridge moments!

Finally there is that little thing I am most well known for, I was responsible for Rage Against The Machine getting that Christmas No. 1 in 2009 and raising money for Shelter. Not very weddingy is it!
Don’t let that put you off, I think I can tenuously turn this around.
As much as I love to dance about to Wham at a wedding I also adore music I can feel. Where the artist truly means what they are singing. The campaign against X Factor I hope was a reminder that there is music out there that is real and conveys genuine emotions. Similarly I love to photograph those natural candid moments that are full of feeling.

Huge thank you to m’colleague Scott from The Edge Photography who very kindly took these pictures of me and the lovely Francine Spurr who did my make up.

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